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I would leave you.

Perfect for a moment
as we painted each second together
high contrasts of colour on a canvas which was purely white
Love makes things look bright
but just as the sun trades with the moon
the brightness ends all too soon.

Sweetness turns bitter
softness turns sharp
just like how the brightness of morning slowly announces night's dark
I crawl under your shouting I avoid your glare
the memories of how we used to be fluttering away
your kisses blacken my cheek like tooth decay.

Now I have to leave
you've taken it to far
and if I could I so would play this love game again
I'll be wiser, sharper, stronger
and if you actually presented an opportunity for me to hurt you
I wouldn't...I would just leave you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Hey guys :) im back.

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Comments (6)

Interesting phrases comely i thought.Nice to see you back and awesome write i really like this one....mercihug
Hello baby doll! laugh How are you doing?
This poem is just great, I don't know what you've been up to but whatever you've been doing it's made your poetry rise up the wonderful scale. Some of your phrasing just makes the poem rock.

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Hello pouting princess ... This is a very interesting poem ... Take care
Hi ,
i'm a first timer to your stuff, it was great , good phrases, keep it up.
all the best,
Wow hey everyone, its been a little while. im glad you enjoy this new poem, i tried a new style i've been working on. I try to use less emotion in the poem so there's more space for self interpretation and gives the poem an unlocked meaning.

Thanks for commenting :)

Lorii drinking
Hmmnn...tragedy breeds genius poetry... drinking
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