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Black White Pink Blue

Black was the night cold winds, warm atmosphere
White were the silk sheets which coverd our bodies apart from our feet
Pink was the lipstick stains from my lips inprinted on his cheeks
Blue is the morning sky now the night is over
Black is his suit and tie
white shirt under
pink hues in his complextion better get the sunscreen for his protection
Blue is the BMW he gose to work in
Black is my skin deeper than bark complexion
white is the dress, knee length, a deep V neck an original creation
Pink is the umbilicalcord attaching me to the new born
Blue Line along the floor in the hospitals merternity ward
Black is my long hair roughed up and everywhere
White is his hand clinging on to me, and the white gold necklace he brought for his baby.
Pink is her nose, i wonder if she can smell me
Blue is his eyes looking into mine before he praised me
Back to the Black as we close our eyes and fall asleep
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Black White Pink Blue :3 just Lorii trying to use colours to form a story lolz what do ya think? it work?

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Comments (5)

Neat poem, I liked it.reunion
This is really cool lorii applause
Very inventive and the use of the colours to bring the reader along is great

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
I would go with Orientalk on this one,i thought this was creative on your part to compile an enjoyable story using colours,well donethumbs up tip hat M.M
Wow glad you guys liked it :) cheering

Lorii drinking
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