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Metered Thoughts

One meter for two spaces
quarters inserted into slot, yet
no time gained upon the clock.

Arrows pointing left and right
delayed awareness came,
Coins offered for whose gain?

Meter’s memory held, though
button pushed out of turn
credit given for payment made.

Contemplating how many coins needed
to exactly cover appointment’s span
avoid ticketing was clear demand.

Abruptly, thoughts changed to wonder
why so much energy expended
on how many coins hand extended.

Maximum-time coins were given
gift to fellow traveler or town
small gesture to humanity bound.

At departure, another approaches
those extra coins entered
allows weary traveler to save.

Arrival finds gift of time
and contemplates
how a smile is made.

Driving back toward home
marveling, how clear things are
when pockets are full.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (17)

I doubt it is supposed to be a fun poem.....but I enjoyed the changing jouney of thoughts....applause yay
I agree with Niah..much more in this than money in a meter..Like it very much.. why spend so much time on a wasted journey..
To arrive home with a clear head and full pocket is always preferable.

Thank you for sharing this well spent time with us Gnj hug bouquet
The meter is always running in our mind. Endless thoughts on a crazed conveyor belt.

Costs {meter fees & otherwise} are accumulating, We'd better come to a decision soon, for the meter is running.

Next time I think I will park farther away in the non-metered area. Good for the body {walking exercise }, good for the soul
{a rather practical Zen move] and of course...good for the pocketbook. :}

I admire your philanthropic mindset when deciding how much to feed those wretched one-armed bandits. However small the amount involved, it will brighten up any motorists day to find a meter with a couple or so unexpired hours remaining.

A whimsical read...

Bill gift wine
Attachment to thoughts and $....should be examined more closely. Thanks for gifting us with alternatives hug
Enjoyed the read Joy...I have no problems with meters these days...I stopped driving 2 yr ago. hug purple heart
Hi, niah9, LadyMorgana60, TUPLDRF, Fellsman, Jazzy75 and Odette67,
Thank you for your kind responses to my poem reflecting on human nature. I am pleased that each of you was able to find meaning in the reading of this unmetered verse. I enjoy sharing Poet's Corner with each of you; and, thankfully, there is no meter on friendships.
I like the way you write one can read differently,but I'm glad Friendship is not metered when it comes to having a beautiful friend like you.Thank you for all the that you enlighten us with.angel
dunno how to say you expression is simply admirable cheering
dunno how to say you expression is simply admirable cheering
oops your expressiondoh
teddybear bouquet bouquet banana head banger wave thumbs up angel wow dancing cool hug hug gift gift you were SO KINDwow
teddybear bouquet bouquet banana head banger wave thumbs up angel wow dancing cool hug hug gift gift you were SO KINDwow
Hi, paloma66 and seerie,
Thank you for taking the time to read my free-metered verse and offer your kind comments. May we all continue to share the goodness in ourselves with others, freely, without the meter running.
That was such a nice thing to do Joy! I'm sure the good karma will return to you multiplied.

wave thumbs up teddybear
Hi, Ladybee42,
The concept of karma is an intriguing one. I struggle with the thought that all of the pain suffered is due to karma. However, if good is to come from something I've done, it is certainly something to look forward to. Thank you for taking the time to comment and welcome back to Poet's Corner!
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