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~What did you expect~

Your tide holding back
the water that came
into your shore!

What did you expect
As your feelings rose up
Then sank to the bottom
As they floated ashore.

Did you expect
Them to fall
Back into their line
Scurried like before!

What did you expect!

A program that's stubborn
Sharp as a thorn
Yet you didn't expect
Where your head was once at
In two pieces, felt torn!

What, did you expect?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
hmmmmm, an ability to will what you think upon anotherones thoughts, how's it workin?

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Comments (8)

what did I expect nothing at allcheering
Like this poem Bentlee, like the flow of thoughts, peace teddybear
What do you expect...!
Now I get this in my head and it wont go away!
What do you expect ...
Cant stop thinking or saying it,
What do you expect....
Thank you for sharing ...
What do you expect ...
Ha ha haprofessor

It is open and straight, no fooling around. laugh Good poem, thanks.
wine wonderfully direct
None of the above of course....which is why I love the unexpected of course.....well maybe always your poetry resonates......well done....great write!!! wine
I guess love is always unpredictable, so too many expectations may sometimes prove disastrous. Hence her "tide holding back
the water that came" into her shore. She just needs to be sure having learned from previous experience or she may not love enough - the deficit of love may be the cause of predicament you think she found herself in. But there is more to it of course. You leave us wondering what it was that she expected and we can only guess. So happy to see you back, Bentlee, thank you very much for the poem! handshake
very good write
Bentleeonline today!
ty all so much for commenting, this was written during a time when a friend was trying to overpower their will of their thoughts into my life, lol didn't work too well. Cheers all, wine cheers hug
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