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Losses sad attain
voice replaced by ping
unknown for what gain
phones no longer ring

love expectation, lofty goal
friendship’s a far better start
allow time to expose the soul
its jet streams to the heart

person pursuing from afar
must be willing to live
under the other person’s star
if there is love to give

swim life, shore-to-shore
to bathe in love’s moist cure.

can you go the distance
across the ocean wide
when met with resistance
swim against the tide

poetic pathways stream
‘cross digital waves, unseen
more than a mere dream
love chances yet to glean

a sense of adventure
without guarantee
no promise of indenture
between she and he

in matters of the heart
‘tis self who must first start


Words’ digital-connect, a spark
torch ignites, coalesces souls
traverse miles embark.

Though ready, willing, able to
close distance both must be,
not everyone can be all three.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Comments (14)

Sometimes I think we must be crazy gnj4u.....
Re;ationships are difficult in any way or form...but add distance, and border controls and visa's, and the whole situation goes to another level....and then of course, you have to meet....doh Clever write...all the same.....Kathyteddybear
Simply beautiful ! Fhandshake
Hi gnj4u

There is a touching pathos running throughout this thread: It really is uncanny how the one's who appear to be the most ideal matches are the ones who live furthest away... with all the attendant barriers and obstacles...

A typically thoughtful write from your pen...


Bill gift gift
scintillating analogy... teddybear
thumbs up wine bouquet bouquet
Much wisdom & truth in your Poem Gnj applause
Very much enjoyed, thanks for sharing. bouquet wine
My dearest Joy, I second Niah and of course you know me and my John with such a distance but we brake it all through our high spirits. Love it my friend.

Thanks for sharing.
Yankee4youonline today!
I believe you have found an answer to what many seek with many questions and uncertainties in a most uncertain world we live today...I especially find the following verse very illuminating....

"love expectation, lofty goal
friendship’s a far better start
allow time to expose the soul
its jet streams to the heart"

Beautiful thoughts most graciously shared,

Just a quick 'check-in' Joy and when I saw that you had posted something new, I HAD TO READ IT.... and of course there's going to be a complimentary comment to follow ANYTHING that you write! Absolutely SPOT ON!! You've nailed the scenario with which so many are confronted quite well! I in fact, am one of those who have on a couple of occasions experienced the very heart and soul of your message in this poem. One very lovely lady in England had a very strong draw on my heart for some time, as well as another beautiful soul in Bulgaria!! "Oh, but how 'distance' sure becomes a discouraging factor in LOVE." EXCELLENT CONTRIBUTION!! I'm glad that I stopped in for this treat! Hugs Joy!!!
Hi, niah9, Whether "crazy" or not, it is good that we are an optimistic lot. Hi, Serentiy4two, "beautiful" is a most generous comment. Welcome to Poet's Corner. Hi, Fellsman, My heart is happy for the successes shared and sad for those losses sustained by our fellow poets with my thoughts coming out in this unintended, embedded-sonnet form. Hi, Earlgreytea, "scintillating" that's quite a compliment. Good to see you again in Poet's Corner. Hi, paloma66, Thanks for the positive emoticons. Hi, LadyMorgana60, You are generous to bestow "wisdom & truth" upon my observations. Hi, windyweatherly, Braving "it all through high spirits" is what defines the human spirit and gives hope. Hi, Yankee4you, I "graciously" accept your generous comment. To me it's the difference between the idea of love and the reality of love. Touch, taste, sight, scent, and sound must join the mind to make love a complete package. Hi, swade777, Happy that my poem was fortunate enough to be within sight on your recent 'check-in' and receive such a "complimentary comment" from you. Nice to catch a glimpse of you in Poet's Corner. To all, While posting still remains a challenge for me, your generous comments are most encouraging. My thanks to each of you for taking the time to read my poem and share your reactions through your comments.
Hello --i hope you are well ,
Just wanted to say thankyou so much for welcoming me, in your comments, to " Poet's Corner "--most kind of you --and i look forward to reading more of your and others wonderful poetry in the future , and contributing to the" corner " myself from time to time.
Again , your poem "Attained " was just wonderful !
Regards , Fiona rose
This is a lovely poem Joy, and holds a few truths in it's lines. Love starts with loving and goes on from there and there is no guarantee of anything. Somehow we all know this deep down yet prize love so high we embrace it all the same, perhaps because if we ask 'what are we without love'? the answer is not to our liking and we would rather take all the risks than live a life untouched by love.
A very thought provoking write.

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
gnj4u - when both are ready and know themselves....there is a chance...for it too last. hug
Hi, Ladybee42, Yes, all love can do is start. For each of us, the path it takes will be its own. Being a romantic at heart, I believe true love can overcome challenges. Thankfully, you and Robert provide a living example. Hi, jazzy75, Yes, there has to be a chance else all hope would perish. Love built on a strong foundation, from the ground up, can thrive, in spite of challenges. To all, Thank you for taking the time to read and for your kind comments.
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