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Humorous Sonnet

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You wish for me to write a sonnet
Words of love dripping from the page
But then you come and insult my bonnet
Did you not think that would result in rage

Your car you flaunt, just fuels the fire
Laugh at me, I’ll teach you a lesson
In trouble you’ll be most dire
On your car I’ll let out my aggression

I might be small but I’m mighty quick
On your bonnet I lightly spring
Your windscreen I break with a mighty kick
The sound it makes is a lovely zing

So take this, no more fun you’ll make
You never know what next I’ll break
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (5)

What a mighty feisty girl !! heart wings
Fantastic!applause You sure gave me a little inspiration for my next sonnetgrinNice to see you friend...cheers cheers
Ha ha, very cute... I think I had a car like this. It was my ex-husbands lollaugh motorcycle
Yes morgen ... and that was only because someone made fun of her bonnet

rolling on the floor laughing
Steve thank you for sharing this with us have a good day.teddybear dancing
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