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Fast Faster Flying

Met an old couple while on holiday
Sprightly was the word i'd say
She was seventy six her way
She was only thirty five

He was eighty years old
But old was replaced by bold
No fear or blood cold
For he was alive

They were exploring all they can
They were having fun 'twas the plan
Time wasn't any demand
A full life they did strive

She had an apartment on the coast
He was a friend a patron an host
Not sure who made me laugh the most
I had to take a dive

She bought this place you see
For it had everything in it for thee
A gym a pool an quality
Her desire to survive

Their subaru was something unique
Three months wait was worth the sleek
Overtaking road trains there was no meek
Just a casual drive

People come an people go
Some fast some slow
All with stories an their know
Like bees to a hive

Real fortunate the lives i see
Perception is reality
Inspiration three parts thee
I'm glad to be alive.......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Met this couple at a share house on holidays...........they just blew me away for their zest for life ...........Road trains in Oz can be two maybe three semi trailers long......they encountered them while exploring the northwest coast of Oz via north queensland......

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