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Secrets I Knew

Fast to fly, flock of birds
Beating chrome wings, casting shadows
Over golden meadows
I stand still, gazing skyward
Wondering why, to realize
What will hypnotize

First to fall, frozen white stars
Descending downward, touching ground
Without any sound
I feel hushed, numbing cold
Shivering calm, to discover
My soul will hover

Nothing at all, answers me at last
Walking homeward, dying daylight
My lonesome plight
I fall silent, darkness pervades
Replacing life, will ever imbue
The secrets I knew
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2013
About this poem:
An abstract poem about quiet reflection and the arrival of winter.

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Comments (9)

Beautiful poem..i love it.
Nice sky-gazing welcoming winter wine
Excellent verse, challenging the depths of thought. Easy to read and flows like poetry should. Thanks for the read...Jessehandshake
Beautifully penned Yanks. Great lines throughout that runs deep. Loved it partner.
Thank Andria.. Glad to
Cristin .. I love stars even if they look like snowflakes grin
Jesse.. Thanks
Poet1 .. trying out this new verse style .. need to mix it up a little beyond my love for sonnets
first two stanzas were perfect
the last quite not the same
overall its class act
wonderfully done
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