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a together time

when I awakened at daybreak, I first went outside
all about on the ground there was fresh fallen snow
I quickly gathered a new stack of wood for the fire
then headed back in the house and over to the stove
my body was still stiff from the day’s work before
but I started to limber as the flames became higher

as usual my mother had risen hours before
to be preparing the meal that would be served on this day
she was baking and sifting, back and forth ‘cross the floor
doing those things only she could, in her own special way

it’s thanksgiving at our house with family gathered ‘round
heads bow in silence as father offers the grace
at the head of the table set a place for our Lord
with somber gratitude of mother earth’s hallowed ground
as farmers we live in the balance of nature
we are thankful to them from whom all bounty has poured

no matter what the outcome
we are grateful for our harvest
as we have been, year after year
we are counting our blessings
for we still have one another
in health and that we hold so dear

thanksgiving at our house, the family is here
with our glasses all raised, let us toast in good cheer
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013

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Comments (2)

oh, happy thanksgiving too.
love the trip in this beautifully painted piece dear friendangel
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