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love affair

Polly wanted love so much
she saw all the other girls chased by boys
smiling..holding hands....kissing (gulp!)
folks barely spoke to Polly
and especially not boys
she crept through life as an embarassment
a silent mass of skulking apology
her stiff legged teetering strides
left observers shaking their heads
she could rarely bring herself to look another in the face
....never in the eyes
her face always appeared as though frozen
her eyes an empty void
almost lacking life
blank of all emotion, except one...
her mind a whirling nest of confusion
she had little family
her mother died in chidbirth
...Polly's birth
her fire and brimstone preacher father
had nothing to offer Polly but guilt
paralyzing her every thought and move
so she learned not to do much of either
she had no brothers or sisters
left isolated to live the hell...
her father was always ranting about avoiding
he tendered no warmth, no love
leaving her cramped alone in a cold miserable space
today is April 1st...Polly's birthday
her eighteenth, though no one would notice
but on this spring day
in her final year of high school
she became aware of something...different
in class that day, there was a new student...a boy
he acts like a shy, quiet person, she mused
later, as she sat alone during lunch break
she noticed that someone was standing beside her
it was the new boy at school!
as his voice cracked he stuttered...
'may I, um, um, sit at this table, um, with you?'
Polly was unable to breathe
til at last she squeeked out 'uh, uh, okay'
he sat down across from her
never raising his vision from his food on the table
he spoke 'uh my name is uh, Paul'
Polly's head was reeling...
a boy was sitting with her, talking to her
she muttered 'uh huh', then was taken mute
staring glassy eyed straight down before her
her heart beating as if to burst!
but not another word passed between the two
Paul ate his meal, then stood up, hesitated for a moment...
then silently, merely strode away
Polly's downward stare was transfixed...her food half-eaten
Paul and Polly never spoke to one another again
it was over...between them
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 29

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Comments (2)

Hi, hedistuff,
a silent mass of skulking apology
What sadness for both of them. The world can truly be an unfriendly place.
her fire and brimstone preacher father
had nothing to offer Polly but guilt
paralyzing her every thought and move

We know had what happened to Polly, but not to Paul. Thanks for sharing.
La_Femme_en_Bleuonline today!
Sooo sad, hedistuff. sad purple heart Makes you hope Polly grows strong and finds her way. happy place angel2
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