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if we could only escape
these days
the frantic ways
of so many
oh, to be able to finish a sentence
in spite of the hopelessness around us
imagine the breathing that could take place
not to mention clear thought
so don't mention it
I had the perfect love poem in mind
then folks arrived
it is no longer in mind
in fact, I've got an altogether different story now
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2013

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Comments (3)

Heidi you made me laugh so loud all the way to the end of this write. Thanks...Yes, how fascinating it is to observe how our mind works...We have an idea and then if we fail to jot down, when we get on's completely altered. But..this is a delight. Thanks for the share..

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I know what you mean, i think of something get distracted and the moment s gone. Escape is not an option.
Hi, hedistuff,
in fact, I've got an altogether different story now… And, whether trapped or not, the poet always leaves the reader with something about which to think - and, then folks arrived. Thanks for sharing.
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