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my four dogs and me...a childs mind

we all ran out the basement door
my four dogs and me
down a winding trail seeking
all there was to be
children's squeals in the distance
our noses raised up high
the game was on, the trek begun
ears pointed to the sky
our tails quickly wagging
legs churning on toward
indefinate direction
we sought out our reward
no second hint was offered
to guide us in our quest
no movement nor an odor
could only second guess
in vain our mighty effort
of diligence and care
ended up in search of
a sound that wasn't there
glum faces now replace
the ones we wore of glee
just another no surprise
for my four dogs and me
yet, you'll find us there in the morrow
cuz we’ve an ever neverland
bring to us joy or bring us sorrow
for all time shared by us is grand
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2013

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very beautifully pennedangel
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