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hold on to me

as we sit here this evening
on a warm summer night
my mind races back to a time
when our love was rotten
for we had forgotten
just what was wrong or was right
we had stopped dancing together
we must not have cared for the song
when what mattered didn't even matter
for we were selfish just a little too long

but the stars above were still shining
and the moon was hung up above
we went on like that for a long time
forgetting our pathway to love

when we righted our ship
and steered a true course
we found that our difference don't matter
we'd been a little too slow
to turn on the glow
but now, our lantern shines bright
will you still love me tomorrow?
yes, and the days after too
for I love that you still love me
and I love that I'm loving you

and the stars are now green with envy
as their light beams down from above
and the moon can also bear witness
of two happy people in love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2014

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Comments (2)

trurorobonline today!
Like this one Richie, lovely meaning and flow to it.
second the motion...loved the read...thumbs up
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