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my jalopy

I'd like to find a jalopy
used or pre-owned no matter
but she has to be traveled and
able to start in the morning
her motor softly rumbling and
only leaks a little when used
her radio'd play the old tunes
and be up-to-date enough to
know a few of the new ones

we'd ride the back roads
past the old ways and woulds
turn toward the big city
to go and see some show
I'd buy a token and we'd
cross the bridge to populace
grandly we'd ride to town and
see the sidewalks stop briefly
as I'd steer her hand and hand

© agoodguy2have 2010-01-23
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010

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Comments (4)

Hhhmmm, do I sense a very clever allegory here? Wouldn't put it past you one bit, ha, ha...
Yep!!! Love how you made me feel like I was actually reading about a "prospective woman" laugh
But...Im gonna go with the jalopy (car,truck)...just because if I had an ol pickup,she would certainly make me feel like this too.Well a male one but then again...I have called all my cars,trucks...Bessie love ok Im confusing myself now laugh
I really enjoyed this light hearted piece that can be perceived in not only one way.
Yeah drive on and never stop (sigh) teddybear
methinks Earlgreytea may be right,,there's a twinkle in that there
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