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My Female Other Half - Past Lives

I think in some past lives, I was a girl,
Swept down that river - Sacred Feminine;-
And like the shell which once contained a pearl,
Was washed by Time, and freed of all my sin.

Some men say I am hard - and others strange,
They do not know the half of it I say;-
Great Cosmic Engine, where atoms re-arrange,
And Energies disperse and go their Way.

Many times re-born, and died, great wheel of Time;-
That spins the stars around - great light of day,
And when it's night, those stars begin their climb,
To shower Earth and Heaven with each ray.

I feel echo of past lives, which once were mine;-
Feel the sense of some great Eternity;-
I feel it as my pen construes this rhyme,
Made of star dust from some distant Galaxy.

I feel it when I meet a lady's eyes,
(I'm happy in the body I'm in now);-
Although it never comes as a surprise;-
To feel afresh, what I already know.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2017
About this poem:
Reincarnation; or a change in form = transcendence.
Death - the E.N.D? No - Energy Never Dies.

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Comments (13)

godsprincessonline today!
If you go on FB there are apps that will tell you what you were in a past life! laugh

Fascinating take on reincarnation (of which, of course, I don't believe in). If I did come back - I would want to be a star in the sky at night.

The Taos, Kathy, the Taos. Everything must balance...
ps...Kathy, thanks for your comment...bouquet
pps, I don't do
godsprincessonline today!
You don't do Facebook!! Oh my goodness - the world is coming to an end! laugh rolling on the floor laughing

You don't know what your missing - everything on there is the gospel truth you know! rolling on the floor laughing

Kathy teddybear
Ha Ha, of course it is Kathy, I wouldn't think otherwise, Kathy : grin:
Great spin of poetry tale
a saga of past re carnations
a new development
an old reminiscent

You said it Best
like a book I read
by Katherine Kerr
Thanks Kathy...angel
Thank you, Morgan, glad you enjoyed...
Hello There

I must say I didnt think the poetry section was ever about real poets
Always thought it was stuff from yesteryear LOL

I enjoyed your poem
It made me feel nostalgic
I think if we all stopped and thought of life as such,it would enhance and make every nuance worth noticing

I liked the piece on Cosmic energy
Im a great believer in Cosmic energy

One thing I took away from my boring science teacher
" energy cannot be created or can only be transferred from one body to the next"

I like the sharing of that energy ,except when one gets drained by those only willing to take,and not return the favor

I liked the end
" Im happy in the body I'm in now"
a sense of self acceptance..and knowing your place in this vast world

Great Poem
Loved it and the way you moulded it into a poem---now you have me thinking-----Have i ever been a mangrin or mermaid laugh laugh

No there is a seriouse side to the question too will it ever be so a question ??
Thank you, Sonya, it is a poem about a feeling I have, from time to time...comment appreciated...
Thank you Redex...I just think this life is part of one long continuum...
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