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Fly Again

The wings of love
Are broken
Shot down
By your careless
Will they ever
Fly again
That depends
The wings of love
Are fragile
Easily torn
By your clumsy
Unless you free them
Fly again
That depends
The wings of love
Are trapped
Now captured
By your hands
Until you let go
Fly again
That depends
The wings of love
Are captive
Now waiting
For the chance
Is the only plan
Fly again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2019
About this poem:
“ If you love somebody, set them free! “

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Comments (5)

a good one Yankee. Liked a lot the read. Wish you luck and "fly again" re. Lilly angel applause
Oh I'm not flying anywheres..... haha..... wave
I did mean your " wings of love" Re. Lilly laugh
niah9online today!
though provoking write Yankee.....worth more than one read......Kathywave
Great poem beer
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