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the huntress reloaded

by the cool bluish light
of the LCD screen on her lap
Artemis tiptoes the net
as flesh bends to the bone

she's silently hunting now
a bow at her breast and
her extra long sleep shirt
covering her crossed thighs

where in the vast forest
can she find her prize,
the prowess of fortitude,
display expertise of hunting

clicking past the decoys she
surveys the herd before her
this one, too old and lean
that one maybe, yes that one

lone proud stag is racked
quietly before the arrow
pressing the enter key,
she knows she must

© agoodguy2have 2010-06-04
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
interesting what a few words can do...

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Comments (11)

That darned female just cannot make up her flipping mind; must be driving you crazy confused wow
talented indeed like it gdguy
Hi, agoodguy2have,
Mythology meets virtual reality in a most enjoyable read! And, yes, words certainly do make a difference - even in the clever title! Thanks for sharing.
aha! kill me again...I like it...this could go on...forever.
Did the huntress hit her foe?
Did she relent and let him go?
Waiting for next chapterpeace
Pulled me in loved it.
wherw is she!.....i want to meet her.peace
lol....sounds like she's done this before! compulsion or revulsion?!?!?!thumbs up
Warrior princess on the net, I will have to marinade on this one but definately a good read. Is she a cougar because Im available.
Hun you have us procratinating
females down to a tee (4th verse)
wow...can you tell me where to find THAT game on the pc? applause applause
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