RE: The Trolls Of CS

Hi Cat
At first I thought you were ringing the dinner bell for The Trolls Of CS and didn't want to interrupt feeding time.

I could shine light on some of this nonsense, but I prefer to let others form their own matter how misguided.

And Kal? Let it be. He's not worth it.

Top Troll

Sure, the US armed Saddam to fight Iran, because the Iranians had the audacity to overthrow the puppet Shah. This just adds to the overall drama! Especially since we all know how that turned out.


RE: Becoming a wolf

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RE: Becoming a wolf

I must be part wolf. I smelled that rat days ago.

RE: The 9/11 baby...

It's moments like this that make it glaringly obvious why we Americans haven't adopted the metric system.

RE: Aren’t They Cute?

Hey Cat.
Assuming that we evolved from a common ancestor (according to scientists, humans evolved along with chimps, not from chimps), one cannot disregard the Bonobos. We are as closely related to the "hippie ape" as we are to chimpanzees.

RE: Never A Dull Moment In The Blogs.

I was going to leave a comment regarding blogs....

I used to work with a guy, "Bucky", who was adept at damaging equipment and breaking stuff. He was tasked with driving a dump truck and the windshield had just been replaced. The installer told me to tell the driver NOT to touch it for an hour while the adhesive set.

After a moment thinking about it, I thought it best not to say anything.


What Is Wrong With You People?!

It's gotten so that if there's no religious or political angle to exploit, the shootings are soon forgotten by the masses as it's barely a few days before the next one occurs.

RE: Announcement

I'm hereby announcing that I am not dead. I may be dead soon, but as of this moment on September the 7th, 1300 hrs PCT, I am quite alive. Should I become dead, Please DNR any blogs of mine. They, like me, have an expiration date. Unlike me, my drawings will be much more valuable after I die so buy;them while the prices die for!

*Disclaimer: CS is not being used by this member {BadlyDrawn) for shameless self-promotion or to solicit merchandise.such as t-shirts, ivory coffee mugs, or so-called "artwork" Just kidding about the ivory coffee mugs. They're made of rhino horn.

RE: The Persuaders

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RE: The Persuaders

Believe in atheism? For me there's no need for a belief in it. I was born an atheist. If you need a 'belief' in it, you're doing it wrong.

My views have drastically changed over the years though. I'm now (an) agnostic.


RE: The Persuaders

I might have seen it once or twice (hundreds, if not thousands of times) over the last few months (well over a decade), Hoob.

Unfortunately for the hypocritical, dishonest, and unscrupulous ranters (see how this works?), the tactics generally have an opposite affect on people like me.

RE: The Prodigal Son

When I go missing, I either died, or my dwindling interest in CS has.

RE: Comey Days...

Would Obama get retroactive 'birther' days?

RE: The Price One Pays

I've only been to Florida (St. Petersburg) once and for Thanksgiving. It was too humid for my liking then, so I cannot imagine liking it very much at all in the summer.

RE: Things that need doing


I'm not quite sure why that's funny, Fay but Carrot top came to mind.
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RE: Things that need doing

A cow-ta-pult?

RE: Things that need doing

That's mighty hospitable of you, Hoober!

Mind if I take off my sandals and socks?

RE: Things that need doing

Please pardon the crude drawings, Fio. They were thrown together years ago and for a specific someone.

RE: Things that need doing

Fio, I'm almost glad you asked!

Embedded image from another site

That's Cap'n BS with his sidekick, Cinder Block.
roll eyes

RE: Things that need doing

Fio, good catch! laugh
It might be too late though. Some of my drawings do look like sh#t.

RE: Things that need doing

I currently live a minimalist lifestyle so clutter isn't an issue.

Aside from sketch pads (and toilet paper) I've practically gone paperless.

RE: Intro To Extinction Rebellion (XR)

Cheer up kids! Exxon and the Koch brothers have hired the band Nero to entertain you during the third act.

RE: Litter of puppies abandoned. Rescued and sadly only 3 survive

I think a woman in ....lemme find the story.
The Coachella Woman Caught Dumping Newborn Puppies In The Trash Is Going To Jail

RE: Intro To Extinction Rebellion (XR)

Deny deny deny....then when the damage is so vast that it can no longer be denied

Well, nothing can be done now.

Now that's a Great plan!
rolling on the floor laughing
I just hope the kids think it's funny.

RE: Tell me, who do you see when you die in your dreams?

I dream a lot but can only remember one where I died. It was vivid, and by my own hand. In the dream it was necessary for me to kill the existing version of myself in order to become another version in a parallel dimension. I remember having to time it perfectly in order for it to work.

It did work. Here I am!grin

RE: Intro To Extinction Rebellion (XR)

The time for "action" may have very well come and gone. In the "progressive" battle against nature, greed may be Mother's greatest ally.

Don't fret. Continue to drill her, pump her, burn her, and ignore her genius. She was always going to win eventually. Time is on her side as well.


RE: Foot loose

Gah! Now I lied twice on one blog! Is this what it feels like to be a Trump?!

I just meant last post on this blog. I have nothing more to say about feet.

Some drawings make it to these pages, but most do not. If I'm in the mood and not busy with other stuff, I'll throw something together. It can be very time consuming. I don't have time today, sorry.sad flower

RE: Foot loose

Sorry Hoob. This will be the last.

When I was younger I tried going barefoot but it was painful when I'd step on small pebbles and such. People said it was because I didn't have calluses on my feet. I wasn't so sure I wanted calluses on my feet.

Now when I watch a doc with primitive folks running through the forest barefoot it almost makes me cringe as I imagine the pain I'd feel stepping on sticks and rocks.


RE: Going On A Trip

Sounds nice! I'm not much of a fisherman and usually go fishing in the ocean when I do but I'm thinking some quiet time away from the city would do me good. Edibles for me....and a sketch book.

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