I would watch him as he slept,
by his presence graced.
So amazed at times I wept,
to see this angel's face.

Listen to him tell his dreams,
wonder filled my mind.
The radiance he would beam,
for a future he might find.

I walked proudly by his side,
this angel of mine.
Amidst people in a tide,
a beauty so fine.

I'd lose my breath at the sight,
of his lovely smile.
Nothing ever felt so right,
for the longest while.

But now my angel has gone,
far away from me.
Still never will I regret,
those times, him and me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
My only attempt I will make at poetry that isn't one of my many lyrics. And this is as close as I get to writing about love.
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No Peace

"Let's lock them up, let them kill themselves.
Let's beat them up, soon enough they'll kill themselves..."

This story's getting old, right?
200 years old, right?

Down in New South Wales,
this white Australian lady.
Takes a swing over nothing,
and without retaliating.

The aboriginal girl hits the ground,
lands there with a thud.
The police had suddenly taken her down,
then slammed on the cuffs.

Took her from there into lock-up
and put her into a room.
In this particular room the camera's were off,
the police surrounded her like fire fumes.

And very much like a pack of dingoes,
they went in for the attack.
Now this Aboriginal girl is consumed by hate,
her whole world is now turned black.

A mother looked for a job,
but was so often knocked back.
"We see you're Aboriginal
and there's a problem with that."

You see, we've had trouble with your kind before,
and so we are not employing.
But just so you know that's the only reason,
so good luck with your job searching!"

Thus, from generation to generation,
the hate spreads on.
And the government asks for acceptance,
from people who are done.

People who find it hard when from young they are pinned,
as a, "you never will amount to be anything."
People who find it hard when they're told that their dreams,
may mean something but aren't good for a damned thing.

White Australian father getting blamed,
for racism he has never displayed.
For assumed prejudice he never did say,
his love for all peoples now mucked and splayed.

"I have 2 aboriginal children and would never say that!,
that you're just another useless black.
Good for nothing but making babies and spat."
the last thing he said before he got smacked.

He was only ever proud and tried to mingle,
with those he thought of as his country's men.
Faith now lost because he was singled,
his heart filled with hate and all he condemns.

"Once upon a time I would have been your friend",
a white Australian mother says, "but no more."
"I can't take the chance that I may offend,
you see, I've had trouble with your kind before."

Thus, from generation to generation,
the hate spreads on.
And the government asks for acceptance,
from people who are done.

People who find it hard when they are already pinned,
as invaders who don't care for anything.
People whose ancestor's stories are so old,
" means nothing in this country that's not yours!", they're told.

Alcohol, drugs, minds breaking down,
fewer care to make a sound.
The next generation will soon find what is always found,
"Shh. Australia doesn't want you to make a sound!"

Unfortunate for those who are not racist as such,
there's so many who are, that this country's stuffed.
Not 200 years ago, not yesteryear,
No, not last night, but today, enough!

Misunderstandings will not bring peace,
undue blame does not bring peace.
Mistreatment will never make any peace,
hate does surely afford no peace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
Something I began writing last year but as I tend to do, I got side-tracked and didn't finish. It is now done.

Written with no offence to anyone and if you have taken offence, chances are you've missed the point.
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Caring Friend

I often think that I am done,
my heart can take no more.
That I am understood by none,
the compassionate close their door.

I often think I should give up,
no more torment, no more hope.
I should just stay here in my rut,
familiarity will help me cope.

But then, someone comes along,
and shows a heart that beats.
To which, there plays a loving song,
of strength gained through defeats.

Someone who says, "All will be well,
sometimes it takes a while.
You will find your way, out of your hell,
and once again you'll smile."

Takes my hand and holds it so tight,
and says, "I'll never let go.
Not 'til I know, you are alright,
no longer bent like a bow."

And at last!, again that nasty gloom,
lifts up it's ugly veil.
The sun shines, flowers are in bloom,
doom came to no avail.

The birds are chirping, ever so sweet,
optimism has yet to end.
My mind is at rest, turmoil obsolete,
thanks to a caring friend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
When I am inspired to carry on.
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My Profile

I have filled out where I am from,
I have stated my age.
With a click of the mouse,
you can see my page.

I put this info there,
so you don't have to ask me.
If you ask me these things,
not trying to be dastardly.

But I'm thinking that maybe,
you're a bit dense?
Or maybe just lazy,
please don't take offense.

For it's me who's offended,
to be asked what you ask.
Read my damned profile,
it's no great task.

Guess what, if you actually bother to,
take a look at my available profile.
You'll see I'm not the one for you,
you're simply smitten by my smile!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
Asking someone about information that is readily available is, to say the least, exasperating *frown*.
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How I feel is hard to explain,
causes me too much pain.
I choke up, my throat throbs,
If I speak, then I'll sob.

I don't want to go over,
what happened back then.
I don't want to remember,
what happened back then.

I don't want to think,
and I don't want to ache.
Or I just might sink,
after trauma makes me shake.

I was literally driven insane,
days and days of being crazed.
You treated my love as only mundane,
You'd hear me cry and never be fazed.

T'was better we went our separate ways,
the love we shared turned to pure hate.
In a grave is where our memories should lay,
Not a long enough life for our hate to abate.

Nope, not enough time for mistakes to fade,
not enough magic for those days to be unmade.
And after so many years...
It's still too soon to feel okay,
and still too soon to love again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
How heartbreak felt to me.
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Because Of You

You took me to a paddock, and the darkness swelled,
you told me not to panic, and then you showed me hell.
I wanted to run away but, where could I go?
Felt like time never ends, I felt my fear grow.

My mum, made me, cry, and cry.
My dad, he'd fight, he'd fight, because of that night.

You think you gave the child I was some love,
but it wasn't!
You messed me up and so I locked myself,
in my own prison!
I was an outcast when I went to school,
because of you!
Crazy, smoking dope, alcohol, short fuse,
because of you!

Would I have turned out different, no stolen innocence?
If you never took me away, would I be a bit more sane?
Fare better in a crowd, could I stand being held?
Would this broken shell have grown up to take on the world?

I can't let go of it, let go of the past,
Did ya know the damage you did, was going to last.
I take tablets now, so I don't go psycho,
It's why I'm so run down, I just can't let go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
I haven't put any of my lyrics in verses, bridges, etc. because I didn't think people would really want to read the same part over and over again. Each of my lyrics I post is basically the two verses; the bridge/break, pre-chorus, post-chorus and the chorus each once.

I see I've turned into a bit of a serial poster so I'll give it a rest after this one.
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Can't Take You Down With Me

I'm starting to dim now,
I'm being dragged along.
The hurt I've been endowed,
sadly sings it's song.

Crystal tears are falling,
then cease to well as much.
Somethings happening to me,
my heart is in drought.

And it feels like,
I'm dying inside.
I've lost my want to fight,
does this mean I have died?

I have now stumbled,
into a black hole.
Let go of my hand,
I can't break your hold.

It's not hard to see,
I'm in way too deep.
Please now let me go,
can't take you down with me.

All the stars around me,
wink out one by one.
Darkness encroaching,
hides the light from the sun.

Such a deafening sound,
the silence is so loud.
I'm being dragged around,
way up here beyond the clouds.

Closing my eyes now,
curl up into a ball.
I shut my fears down,
and don't let myself call.

Holding tears back,
keep my pain inside.
Universe turns black,
I just count down time.

And I fall to sleep,
I live in my dreams.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
Written about the thoughts I went through when I went through a breakdown during my mid 20's.
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Come Back Here With Me

Why have you disappeared,
see you're gone, though you're here.
It looks so dark in there,
what you see makes you scared.

Please can I just wake you up,
you look so terrified to me,
the door to your mind is shut.
Can I please just wake you up.

Your presence, crawls back in,
hurts when you, aren't with me.
You become, a blank canvas,
please come back, here with me.

Why do you go away,
to that far away place.
The torture shows on your face,
your chest shows your hearts at race.

What to do, what to do,
you won't let me help you.
Why won't you, why won't you,
won't you let me wake you.
I need you, I need you,
so just let me wake you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
About being with someone who constantly disappears within their own mind. They're there and yet not there.
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Lost For Words

Write of love,
I get told.
What to write,
I don't know.
Don't feel sad,
don't feel so bad.
Time will heal you,
still I'm so blue.

Tell me how,
to write about love.
My heart broke,
many years ago.

Time for me,
to get some sleep.
Fall in a heap,
before I weep.

Times spoken,
of being broken.
Sure, sit by me,
but please just don't speak.

I don't need to feel ashamed,
for not loving someone.
Just know I can't be blamed,
damage can't be undone.
So I'm angry and so sad,
I speak of a past that hurts.
I'm a gaping wound gone bad,
love destroyed me so I'm lost for words.

I've shut down,
I feel too numb.
I got so hurt,
I'm lost for words.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
I write many lyrics. I struggle to write about love though. Always seems it should be easy when I read someone else's words, but finding my own never is.
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