Body Talk: 14 Ways His Body Language Says He's Interested

Body Talk 14 Ways His Body Language Says Hes Interested

You've met someone new, and the sparks are flying from your side, but what is he thinking? Forget what he says. There are lots of ways guys communicate without words. Pay attention to his body language to discover if he's sending you signals that he's smitten. Body language speaks louder than words...

He leans in close.

When a man is attracted to someone, he will seek every opportunity to get as close as possible. If he leans in when you are talking, or stands closer to you than necessary, it's a good sign.

His pupils dilate.

If his pupils dilate when he sees you, take that as a signal that he's interested. Most people's pupils dilate as much as three times larger than usual when they see someone they find physically attractive.

He smiles with teeth.

When someone is interested in you, he can't help but smile. If he grins wide enough to show his teeth when he's talking to you, it could mean he wants you.

He puts his hand on your knee.

You can tell a lot about what a man is thinking by where he puts his hands. Touching your knee is an intimate gesture that suggests he'd like to touch other places on your body as well.

He touches your arm.

Putting a hand on your arm is a possessive move. If he's the nurturing type, it shows he wants to protect and take care of you.

He blushes.

Blushing is a classic sign of attraction. If seeing you makes the blood rush to his face, you know you're causing heat in his body.

His eyebrows raise when he sees you.

When people see someone they find attractive, they will raise their eyebrows quickly. This subtle move happens in the blink of an eye, so you have to be fast to see it.

He plays with his hair.

If he subconsciously pushes back his hair or rubs his fingers through his hair when he is talking to you, he might just be daydreaming about having your fingers there.

He tightens his muscles.

The male gender of many species will attempt to look stronger and more powerful when a potential mate is watching. If a man puffs out his chest, stands up tall and tightens his muscles, he is probably trying to catch your attention.

He puts his hands on his hips.

Sometimes a man will send signals based on where he puts his hands. When a man is interested in you, watch for him to place his hands on his hips with his fingers pointed to his crotch. Subconsciously, he's trying to draw your attention to what he probably considers his most important parts.

He strokes his face.

Does he thoughtfully caress his own face when he's talking to you? Chances are he's imagining you doing the same thing.

He guides you through a crowd.

Many men are hard-wired to be protectors, and his subconscious wants to make it clear to you. When he's trying to illustrate his ability to take care of you, he will put his hand on your back to help you navigate a crowded space. If he does it in a room that isn't crowded at all, he's probably smitten.

He pulls your hair over your ears.

A man is showing his sweet and gentle side when he tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear. Not only does it allow him to lean in closer to you, but it is also a sign that he feels close to you. This move often precedes a kiss, so send signals back if you are willing.

He opens his legs.

Guys spread out, especially when they are calling attention to their masculinity. Sitting with his legs wide open is a not-so-subtle way of getting you to notice him in the right places. Spreading out also makes him appear larger, which shows off his strength.

Reading the body language of the opposite sex can be a difficult task, but there are signs you can look for to point you in the right direction. If a man you know is showing you one of more of these body behaviors, there's a good chance he's interested. Show him some attention, and see what happens.

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