Developing Your Hidden Intuitive Powers

Developing Your Hidden Intuitive Powers

The rational thought processes that we use to take care of the daily business of our lives represent only a small portion of the overall capacities of our minds. Constantly flowing beneath the realm of logic – like a river, or a stream of electrical current – is a whole world of impressions, feelings, and insights that have just as much to offer us in their own way. And this world never goes away, though we may ignore it or close ourselves off from it. Our intuitive powers are a natural part of our birthright, therefore, and there are ways in which we can more fully access them to broaden and enrich our lives.

Many of us have experienced moments of clear knowledge, without our having taken any intervening steps of logic to reach our conclusions. Many of us have had hunches that proved accurate or even received premonitions of things that then came to pass just as we foresaw. Afterwards, it can be hard to account for such phenomena. But there's really nothing abnormal or supernatural about these kinds of experiences. We're just receiving and organizing data in a different way than we're accustomed to, using our intuitive faculties rather than our reason.

The more we're able to accept these experiences as normal the easier they'll come to us, because we won't be fighting ourselves or trying to fit our perceptions into the narrow mold of our concepts – i.e., our ideas about reality, and about what is possible and what is not. Once we're able to shed our fears and open our minds to the possibilities of extrasensory perception, we can consciously expand and deepen our abilities in that area.

If we want to develop our intuitive faculties then it's necessary for us to be relatively clear on both a mental and an emotional level. That means examining and discarding any limiting beliefs that keep us from trusting our own perceptions. It also entails staying open to our inner feeling life and not judging or repressing our emotions. If our emotional life is blocked then we won't receive deeper impressions of reality or we won't trust the inspirations and insights that we do receive.

There are various tools that can aid us in bringing knowledge and impressions from the deeper regions of our minds into our conscious awareness. These may include creative visualization, dream journaling, and various forms of meditation. Again, the success that you may have with any of these methods will depend upon your own openness to the process. The depths of our minds abound with creativity, playfulness and humor. We should approach our inner explorations in the same spirit.

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