4 Red Flags You Need To Look Out For When Online Dating

4 Red Flags You Need To Look Out For When Online Dating

Online dating has its share of ups and downs. You run into all kinds of personalities when you're online dating and it's up to you to pick and choose who you spend time with. Here are 4 red flags that you need to be on the lookout for.

1. He confesses strong feelings for you right off the bat

You're going to get an email from at least one person saying that he has feelings for you like he's never had before. You may even get these emails from people who only read your profile. While it's slightly flattering to get these emails, don't fall for them. No one will know you're "the one" by reading your profile or even through the first few emails. If anyone tries these kinds of lines on you, move on.

2. He won't give out his phone number

We STRONGLY recommend you not share your personal information with anyone early-on and that you use onsite features to get to know the person very well. But at some point it will be time to talk to the person on the phone. Online dating is meant to bring people together. You don't want to online date for months or years on end with no progression in the relationship. You wouldn't expect to have a relationship with a man you meet in a bar, but won't see or talk to you anywhere else. The same thing goes for online dating. If he won't give you his phone number, he's not going to meet you in person either. It shouldn't be a fight to talk on the phone. If he doesn't want to do it, just move on instead of wasting your time. It doesn't matter what the reason is.

3. His voice doesn't match anything else about him

If you see a photo of the man you are dating online and he appears to be a cowboy from Texas, but he says he's always lived in Paris, but has the voice of someone from another country, you're probably dealing with a scammer. If you ask him about any one of these things that don't match up he'll have quick answers that he makes sound very convincing. Whatever excuses he may come up with, don't buy into them or start questioning your own intelligence. You might not want to accuse people of lying, but many people do lie. If you're going to online date, you need to be willing to take off your rose-coloured glasses and see people for who they really are instead of who you hope they are or want them to be.

4. He says he's married but separated

Married is married. It doesn't matter if he says he's been separated from his wife for three months or three years. People who want to get divorced, get divorced. They don't make excuses about why they remain married. While the choice to date a separated man is up to you and you alone remember that if he's still legally married, that means he wouldn't be able to marry you. While that might not be of concern now, it's something you'll be thinking about in the future. You'll always be wondering if and when he will be getting divorced.

When you know the red flags to be aware of you can more quickly get rid of the men that aren't up to standard and focus on the ones that are worth your time.

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1) I dont find at all flattering when they come on strong immediately. Its a huge turn-off, and makes me run the other way. Im not easily flattered.
2) I disagree with this to an extent. I dont give out my number either until we have chatted many times, its just a precaution and I dont wish my time wasted,but setting a time limit is productive in finding trust.
3) Haven't ran into this issue yet, see Number 2 lol.
4) I specify I dont date separated men period! Past experience tells me there's always the chance they are seeking someone to fill their time until their current relationship issue's are solved..so NO, I dont go there. And yes, I believe if your married, separated or not, your still married!
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