Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore When Dating Someone New

Red Flags You Shouldnt Ignore When Dating Someone New

When you begin dating someone new, it's important to see their good qualities, but it's equally important to notice any red flags. Red flags are warning signs. They might seem insignificant at the beginning of a relationship, but as time progresses chances are the behavior will only become a bigger problem. The following are five red flags you shouldn't ignore when dating someone new.

1. He doesn't initiate contact

If the man you're newly dating never initiates contact, this could be seen as a red flag. If you're not comfortable taking control and initiating all contact, planning dates, and attempting to make conversation, this is probably not the type of man you want to be dating. If he isn't interested in contacting you at the beginning of your relationship, he probably won't be more interested in doing so as you date longer. In fact, he may get used to and enjoy you taking charge of everything. Initiating contact and planning dates should be something both partners do because they want to.

2. You catch him in a lie

Catching someone in a lie is a red flag. You don't owe anyone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to lying. Of course the person telling the lie will think their reason is good enough, but you don't have to agree. The man you are dating isn't entitled to one lie with a get out of jail free card. Many people have been taught that you should give people the benefit of the doubt, but a lie is a lie. Letting him off of the hook for one lie could show him that he can get away with it as long as he has the perfect excuse.

3. He always takes you up on your offer to pay

If the man you're dating always lets you pay for dates when you offer, this may be a red flag. It's good for you to offer to pay, but you shouldn't do it unless you really want to and can afford to. If you offer to pay for most dates and he accepts, you may be dating a cheap man. Instead of offering to pay for every date so that he is impressed by your offer to pay for every other date. One person in a relationship shouldn't be responsible for the cost of all dates. If the man you're dating doesn't even reach for the bill before you offer to pay, this is an even bigger red flag that you should pay attention to.

4. He loves you too soon

If a man confesses his love too soon, this is a red flag. Someone you've been on a few dates with cannot know you well enough to love you. Even if he feels like he does, it isn't something that he should express to you at this early time. Wanting to move in too soon or talking about marriage and children within days or weeks of dating are also things to be cautious about. This behavior comes off as desperate, or even manipulative, and should be seen as a red flag.

5. He's always bored

If the man you're newly dating is always bored, this is a red flag. It's important for people to have their own hobbies and interests. A man who is always bored may rely on you to keep him entertained and spend all of your free time with him. This will become annoying when you need time alone to relax or work on your own projects. If the man you're dating seems unable to entertain himself and has no friends besides you, this is a warning sign. While it's nice to spend all of your time together in the beginning of a relationship, it's not healthy as time progresses.

It's easy to ignore red flags during the early stages of a relationship, but it's important to know and be able to spot them because you could save yourself a lot of trouble down the line. If you spot red flags, you want to think about your next step in your relationship because these things aren't likely to get better on their own.

Leave a comment if you have experienced red flags that might be helpful to others.

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MY girl friend. I CANT TAKE MY EYES OFF HER. she is 76 iam 69. one day she said I will NOT dress like an old lady. she ALWAYS looks like she stepped out of a fashion magazine.
Edit....I meant asking me out by text rather than calling...
All the above are correct.....
I don't like a guy who is lazy and makes no effort....whether its dressing up for a dinner date somewhere nice or texting me to have conversations or ask me out rather than calling....if we are in the same country I expect him to call me sometimes....I hate texting....this guy shows me that he can't be bothered with first impressions....imagine what it will be like being with such a guy
Other red flags:
Doesn't like to open up, secretive, refuses to answer or evades general questions
Hot tempered
Doesn't have time for you
Criticizes, tries to change how you are whether looks wise or personality wise
Control freak
Always ogles other women and comments on how hot they are even if they are your friends
Selfish or manipulative or narcisstic
When you've been dating a while and he doesn't want to intro you to his friends and family
Totally clueless about life- doesn't know what he wants
Careless about money (spendthrift)
Disrespectful to you or to people in his life especially women
Complains or talks about his exes a lot
Plays games, tests boundaries
Ghosts you
Never says sorry for his behavior
Does not keep his word
Controlled by his mother/family
Ok with not communicating every day when in a relationship
Lack of trust
Family and friends don't like him because there's something "off' about him
Insecure, needs constant reassurance
Past cheating behaviour
Abuse of any kind
He stonewalls you
Borrows money from you, pays with vouchers on dates, wants something or the other
Never accepts responsibility for his behavior/decisions
He agrees with whatever you say
No backbone
Different values than you
He makes you feel stupid or constantly corrects you or belittles you
He refuses to make your relationship public or intro you to people you meet or refuses to be seen in public with you
They hold you to a double standard

That's all for now will add more as I think of them....these are some of what I encountered....and my friends too so take notes ladies!
mcradloff: "Favorite Holidays"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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