5 Signs He's into Your Friend... Not You

5 Signs Hes into Your Friend Not You

Sometimes people are diabolical heart breakers. One nasty dating strategy to watch out for is a guy coming on to you when he's really just trying to get noticed by your friend.

If you suspect your boyfriend has feelings for one of your friends, consider these 5 signs.

1. He doesn't want to be alone with you.

Nearly every couple enjoys spending time with friends, but most guys will want to make plenty of time to be alone with you as well.

If your boyfriend is always suggesting you go to parties or out with a group rather than spending time alone with each other, he could have ulterior motives. Pay attention to whether the parties he wants to attend are likely to include the specific friend in question.

Start making plans to spend time with only your boyfriend, and see how he reacts.

2. He talks about her. A lot.

It's polite of your boyfriend to have a passing interest in the well-being of your friends, especially if they are his friends too. But if he's mentioning her a lot, you might have a problem.

Is he just generally interested in how she's doing, or does every conversation seem to end up being all about her?

3. He's more affectionate in front of her.

There's nothing wrong with a little bit of PDA, but what happens in public should be just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the physical affection shared between two people happens during private moments.

If your boyfriend seems to be more affectionate when a certain friend is around, ask yourself why? If he reaches for your hand when she's in the room or kisses you as soon as she appears, something is fishy.

It's possible that she has shown interest in him, and he's trying to send her the message that he's taken. It's more likely that he's trying to make her jealous by showing her that he is an attentive boyfriend.

4. They text each other without including you.

This is tricky if they are friends, but boundaries are important in a relationship. If they are constantly communicating with each other and not including you, that's disrespectful to you as a girlfriend. A committed boyfriend should be open about his friendships with other women.

Does your boyfriend keep you locked out of his phone? You should have access to his conversations with other women. If he's hiding his words, he's probably hiding more than that.

5. He shows up on her social media.

Again, being friends is fine but being too friendly is simply disrespectful to you.

If he's on social media liking her pictures every now and then, that's a friendship. If he likes and comments on everything she posts, he's revealing more intimate feelings.

If he is flirting with her on social media, you need to say something.

What can you do if you find yourself in this situation? First, find out what's really going on. Ask your friend if your boyfriend has ever behaved inappropriately toward her, or ask your boyfriend directly if he has feelings for her.

If a guy is using you to get to another woman, the best response is to break off the relationship. It might be difficult emotionally, but you don't want to be with someone who has feelings for someone else, and you certainly deserve better than someone who would treat you like that.

While you want your guy to like your friends, there should be boundaries. If he's stepping over them, it might be time to call it quits.

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