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Do You Want To Be On Reality TV?

Do You Want To Be On Reality TV

We live in the age of the celebrity reality TV is one way for wannabe stars to get the fame they deserve (or think they do). It can be the big break but it can also bring misery rather than wealth and opportunity. Before going down the reality TV road there are some crucial factors to consider.

  • Are you talented? On shows like American Idol you can get from fifteen minutes to a lifetime of fame if you're super-talented or spectacularly talent-free. If you're mediocre, or even just quite good, you may be queuing for hours for nothing.
  • Can you handle rejection and humiliation? If not, do you want to crack up and meltdown on national TV? Unattractive character traits, or even one flippant remark, can make you the object of hatred for millions.
  • If you do get your break, are you ready for fame? Many a young starlet has crumpled under the pressure and sometimes it just isn't worth it. Under-eighteens might consider waiting a year or two. Talent generally multiplies over time and disappointment early on can destroy confidence.
  • If you hit the big time, do you know what you're in for? The entertainment world is a minefield for those without any business sense.
  • Are you well prepared for your audition? Talent shows may look like fun but behind the success stories lies a lot of hard work.
  • For makeover shows, are you prepared to risk permanent or long term changes to your looks or home?
  • Do you have a reputation or career to protect? People can be recognized for decades after some reality TV appearances and if you behave badly it might have negative consequences for years to come.
  • Will fame – or notoriety – affect your loved ones? The press and paparazzi are a hard-nosed bunch who won't take your or their feelings into consideration.
  • Is the show reputable? What support do they guarantee if things go wrong? From failed plastic surgery to legal difficulties, there are a host of hitches that a respectable operation should take steps to avoid or remedy. Some less scrupulous outfits seek out people for the express purpose of humiliating them.
  • Are you in it for the money? Reality TV is the producer's favourite because it's relatively cheap to make and only a few in a million make it big. Don't spend more than you can afford in your quest for fame.

Reality TV could give you a new career, look or home. It could be a good laugh with no particular pitfalls or rewards. Just make sure you know what you're letting yourself in for.

Comments (3)

I wouldn't like to be on 'reality' t.v.; but I have really been on t.v.
A great article on the pitfalls of reality shows. I couldn't agree more - I'm often staggered by what unknowns will do & suffer through for fifteen minutes of fame, Big Brother contestants in particular. Some of the Australian housemates ended up with media work & others were so obnoxious that I think they've struggled just to be employed.

Most people who audition for these shows have such amazing self-confidence & yet perhaps, little self-insight. I guess they have a high opinion of themselves and just assume others will too. It's hard not to cringe when these people finally get negative feedback on how the public feel about them - & easy to wonder how you'd bounce back from it in their shoes.
i'd like to try auditioning my talent for a reality show even though i know its fixed.

i just want some easy money. i'm sick of breaking my back, working 2 full time jobs for close to a year at a time for what??? broken back and sore feet. taxes raise, and the more you make, the more expensive everything is that you want to buy.

wish i was out of the rat race.

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