Are Affairs more acceptable for men than women?

Are Affairs more acceptable for men than women

Societies across the globe have set separate standards for the sexes, deeming some behaviors appropriate for males to be intolerable for women. Slowly over the centuries, most countries have been chipping away at these often unfair gender expectations to make way for new ideas. There are many areas where we can still see the outright double standard, one of which is the affair.

What makes a man's affair more acceptable than a women's and will that mind set ever change? It all comes down to evolution. Men and women are different and that goes without saying. However, it's not just the way we use the bathroom, or the mechanics of our bodies that make us different, it's in our brains.

While advancements in society have given women the ability to play a role equal to men; we will never be men. If we're so equal then why do we want to have a man in the first place? Instinctively, women want to feel protected, comforted and loved. Women want to feel safe and taken care of, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's simply the way the way our minds work. When a man has an affair, his partner can often get over it because his affair didn't affect his ability to protect her. Women can often accept an affair by thinking that "he doesn't love the other woman, he's just using her." That's not to say that every woman will. However, despite all our centuries of evolution and societal advancements, we still cling to the basic needs that out ancestors started out with so long ago.

Still wonder what makes it so outrageously unacceptable for a woman to have an affair? Men started out with basic instincts too, and that is to pass on their seed. If a woman has an affair, there's no guarantee whose child she will have. A man needs to know that his blood line will go on. It may not make sense now, with birth control and paternity tests, but it's what drives our species to procreate and continue to exist.

Every creature on earth starts out with some basic instincts. Animals go on with life, following their built in road map. It can be hard for people to do the same. We've grown to a point where we need to understand our actions and feelings, separating emotion from logic.

Despite all the logic in the world, we haven't yet managed to entirely shut down these basic instincts. Which is a good thing, because if a woman didn't want a man for protection, and a man didn't desire a woman for procreation then would we not eventually dwindle out of existence? Perhaps one day we'll grow to the point where affairs are a thing of the past. Until then, it's our basic needs and instincts that make society turn a blind eye to a man's fling, while tagging women as immoral sluts.

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Cheating by any other name, IS still cheating!

~JOHN~ said dat . banana
I was cheated on three times by my wife,And each time i was told it meant nothing and was over-reacting.Now if that was me i would be called a cockhound. Everytime a woman cheats its because they were out of their minds,Man does it,its because we are evil.....devil
You can't just generalize it ask the one your hurting if its acceptable doh
Cheating by either gender is wrong but women and men cheat generally for different reasons. Men usually cheat when trapped in a loveless marriage/relationship. Women cheat to find greener grass on the other side or excitement.
Feminism and the State have made the "decent man", obsolete. Mr. Average who works for his money, makes average pay, gets dirty, tries to do the right thing, has manners and treats women with respect isn't good enough, needed, nor desired. He is boring, and since almost all women in the west see themselves as an all desirable siren, average just won't do! Heaven forbid if you're male and under five foot ten, you might as well join a monastery.
Women don't need decent average men. They make their own money and when they don't, the state is their to care for them.
No, far more attractive is the arrogant bullshitter, alpha males who get off throwing their weight around, hurting people, being the rude bully and all too often sleeping around and cheating on the current dufus who is their current bed partner.
If a woman marries a decent guy, more than half the time she will cheat on him with one of these bastards who will mistreat her. Just check out the date sites for "married" women who want to have discreet affairs with guys like this. Equality???
Yeah, I repeat, it's wrong for anyone to cheat on someone they purport to love or care for. Yet, feminism has brought western culture to the ground wherein women cheating has become the norm. You want to fool with these alpha males? You get what you asked for. And don't say, "all men are alike." Most of the women who make this statement don't know what a decent man is, because they are too good to bother with a decent man.
for all the will in the world if you trully fall for someone, the an affair is inevitable in my opinion. x
NO.Thats a break up reason,and that is for sure......
It doesn't matter if it is the man or the woman having the affair, the fact of the matter is it is wrong.
I think men's affair is acceptable by health. He has no liability of its effect after s*xual relation.
once a cheater always a cheater
if u decide to be with someone be with theeeeeeeeem
dont screw around if not leave its also better 4 them
They are not acceptable, unless you are from the animal realm. Moral humans don't tolerate this from either sex. Immoral ones should just join the animal realm...

Either way it creates negative ripples through our society. If you think your partner 'deserves' to be cheated on, you really just 'deserve' to get a backbone and leave them.
Affairs are unacceptable for both sexes! Two wrongs cannot make a right!
It is so simple....

1 true to urself...... honest with ur partner.....
i know of some fine members at c s who are trying to make their current relationship work ... give love a real chance .... smitten

3......there must be 50 ways to leave ur lover...(paul simon)
if your not HAPPY ... then make a CHANGE !!!!


the hippy

I think you are right; but women caused this phenomenon. How many men are with women that know they are cheating. Tiger woods so far has 13 mistresses, all saying they were long term. I'm sorry, but a blind man in a sand storm could see those signs. He was actually getting hundreds of sexy texts and emails and you dont think she knew? My ex could smell if I had hugged a woman who had perfume on her.

I think women create this; many men know they can cheat but the women are so into them that they will take them back. I know one woman right now who is with a guy that is sleeping with 3 other women but she says that she knows he loves her though, and not them. huh?

Women constantly choose bad guys, thinking they can change them and in the end they rip on them.

If women didn't accept men cheating, this wouldn't happen. Many men will not accept a cheating women and they will leave.

The "new" women's movement is ridiculous. Lets be as slimy as men. Well cheating is cheating is cheating. If women didn't accept this behavior, neither would society.
Of course its always been more acceptable for men than women - doesnt make it right - its just a fact of most societies. In years past, it was actually expected, and encouraged in certain circles, especially for the 'upper classes'.

But, its not the end of the world, its a part of life and we shouldnt be suprised by it - even the 'Friend of God' (King David) had an affair which had dire results...

It happens, its tough, we move on. But I dont believe any one sets out to make themselves unhappy by choosing to have an affair. Men just think they can 'control' the situation, but the truth is, most men fall in love harder than women. Maybe thats another topic for discussion - Do Men Fall Harder?
Matriarchy is also ugly.
We are all guilty of heinous things in our lives, why should we berate those who have affairs??They happen for a reason..grin
Affairs are not acceptable period.
Affairs are soul destroying and not acceptable in my book!
.. patriarchy is ugly
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