5 Habits Of Relationship-Smart Women

5 Habits Of Relationship Smart Women

Relationships aren't easy, but there are certain habits that can result in happier and more successful relationships. If you know them and apply them, you may find better luck in the dating world. The following are five habits of relationship smart women.

1. Relationship smart women aren't clingy

Wanting to spend time with the person you're dating is normal, but being clingy or needy for his attention may scare him away. If you want to be with him all the time, he might think that you have no life of your own. You should continue to see your friends, involve yourself in your hobbies, and enjoy alone time. Relationship smart women know that no matter how much a man likes her, he will still need time to himself and to hang out with his friends.

2. Relationship smart women remind men they're wanted

Women want to be told they are wanted, how beautiful they look, and that they're special. It's important to remember that men want to hear similar things. It's easy to forget that men have feelings as well. Remind the man you're dating that you love spending time with him and that you appreciate what he does. Let him know he looks good when you see him. Hearing these things will make him feel good and that should be a goal for every relationship.

3. Relationship women don't let themselves go

Becoming comfortable in your relationship is good, but you should never become so comfortable that you stop taking care of yourself. Don't stop going to the gym or ditch your healthy eating habits. Don't decide that now that you have a boyfriend you don't need to wear nice clothes or pretty makeup. Relationship smart women know that doing these things for herself is the first priority. They want to continue looking and feeling good for herself as well as the man she's dating.

4. Relationship smart women are supportive

Support is an important part of relationships. Relationship women support the man they are dating or married to in the goals and dreams. They encourage them to continue on when things get tough. When you are with a man who has goals, you don't want to dominate all of his time. Give him space to work on his goals and he will appreciate you more for it. Knowing that the woman in his life believes in him and his goals for his life will build him up and also bring you closer as a couple. He will feel safe enough to confide in you about his hopes and dreams.

5. Relationship smart women spot warning signs

When you are dating someone new it's important that you be able to spot warning signs and deal with them accordingly. Don't ignore traits and behaviors that make you uneasy in hopes that they will go away or that you'll get used to them. Red flags should be taken seriously. You aren't obligated to continue with someone if they aren't what you are looking for. Seeing only the good in someone isn't always beneficial in a relationship because you only waste your time and his when you ignore the things that will eventually arise.

Being relationship smart doesn't mean relationships will be perfect or finding the one will be quick and painless. It does mean that you are more aware of how men like to be treated and will make better choices about who you date.

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