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4 Signs You’re Dating A Gold-Digger

4 Signs Youre Dating A Gold Digger

A gold-digger is someone whose main interest is in money. If you don't have money, she has no interest in you. If you do have money, she becomes slightly more interested in you, but much more interested in your wallet. Read on to help find out if you're dating a gold-digger.

1. She never offers to go Dutch

While she won't ever offer to chip in for a date, she will definitely suggest the most expensive restaurants that she'd like to try. When you suggest a romantic picnic in the park, she will turn up her nose and opt for a "real" date. To her, dates are only dates if money is spent on her.

2. She tells you how you can make more money

She's interested in how people can make more money, but she never attempts to make more money herself. She tells you that if you renovated your home a bit, you could make a good profit selling it, and then you could buy a bigger one. She will tell you that you should ask for a raise at your job and excitedly tells you how much better things will be for the both of you. She'll suggest ways to spend the extra money you'll be making. She'll start planning vacations and special nights out on the town.

3. She talks about how high her bills are

Of course, even though she is the one spending money and racking up bills, she will complain about how expensive it is to pay rent and all of her bills. She'll even pull guilt trips and say how she wishes she were lucky and had money like you. She'll comment on how nice it must be to have no worries about money. She makes you feel bad about her situation so that you'll offer her money. The more brazen of women will come right out and ask if you can help them out.

4. Asks for material items to prove your love

You're walking through the mall together when you stop to look at jewelry in a store window. She immediately gushes over the pieces. You agree they are gorgeous and start to move away from the window when you hear her say, "Don't you love me?" She has no problem asking you to prove your love through buying her things. If you don't give in she will pout and make you feel guilty until she gets what she wants. She doesn't actually think you don't love her, she just wants the item.

Dating a gold-digger often makes a person feel used. To find out once and for all if the woman you're dating is a gold-digger, stop shelling out for everything she asks for and plan more low-key dates. If she acts offended by the low cost, more romantic options, she's definitely only interested in your money.

Comments (6)

Excellent article. In my experience, i only meet people for Coffee or a walk and talk, that way i can gauge if a woman is active & can enjoy the simple pleasures of life and a person avoids these people.......
A gold digger.. the perfect victim for a Pimp laugh Putting her to pay for stuff.
I use shovel, bucket, and water to dig for goal.

It is fun getting dirty, wet, and sliding from side to side in the mud. banana
Men and women should watch for those signs.

If it is too good to be true, then it probable is.
Very well written! Women do need to address money less emotionally. Its the cornerstone of a more truthful relationship. Then she won't need the man for his money and she'll feel much more calm and self assured. Now of course, many women from poor countries don't have this option. But they should feel content in being with you when there and not feel the need for you to "pamper them" to demonstrate your feelings.

One good tip is to look at the background of the photos she chooses to be photographed in. This says much. This often says to the viewer, "This is what I want and expect from you". Well, in this empowered world you can toss that right back at her!

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