Religion explained in one minute.....

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I posted this video a while ago don't expect many comments lol

The god squad will probably report you

....but it was YOU.

Hans, yo just got hem two.laugh laugh
@ Onthe~ - Wasn't aware that you'd also posted it..... wasn't really expecting any comments, just put it up for shits and giggles....... laugh

..... grin cheers
@ Bloody~ - confused but it was me what?

..... grin hug wine
Hans, it was to Mr Crave.
I wouldn't dare pointing at you.laugh
@ Bloody~ - laugh .... OK

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laugh thumbs up

giggle wave
Good one, Hans laugh

Mimi! reunion
First time I've seen this and it made me chuckle out loud.

Had a chuckle at that.

I wonder how many years have to pass Hans before man does not have to ask that questions----is there a god ???? ha ha
@ Red.
Only till ones dies. Time flies.
Red, the minute scientists can replicate life they will stop asking

Right now they can set up all the right conditions - test tube babies, clones, in multiples - and they have no idea why some work, some don't. Or why some die easily and some don't. Or what life itself actually is. So for everyone who says science has all the answers, there are scientists saying um no - not quite yet. Any day now.

And before anyone jumps at me waving the Stupid stick - for SURE religion doesn't have the answers either.

Nobody knows. It's a black room with a blindfolded person looking for something black and some call it a cat laugh
Haha - great analogy! thumbs up
@ MiMi~ - wave .... Those miniatures seem to have their backs to the wall...... (walnut shell)..... laugh

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@ Molly~ - wave ... After seeing it myself I just had to put it up here and share ..... laugh rolling on the floor laughing

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@ Un~ - wave ... You're welcome..... conversing

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@ REDEX - wave ... I think Luke~ already answered that question as best as could be done..... conversing

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@ Elegsabiff - wave ... You can bet you're life that they are already cloning humans..... with clandestine labs set up in countries where the western world has no jurisdiction to object to what they are doing..... professor

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@ Lady~ - wave .... I love it, couldn't have put it better myself..... laugh rolling on the floor laughing

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Hans - missing my point.

They could be cloning miniature donald trumps for all I care. The point was that most clones of anything fail, at least half test tube babies fail (which is why so many of the ones that 'took' are implanted, and even some of those will fail) and


and that is fact. Not speculation. It is a flat fact that brilliant minds and top scientists still don't know why a lot of inexplicable things happen and neither, if you put a moment's thought into it, do you. Some can claim divine intervention and some can claim random chance (again and again and again) but nobody knows.


Nice that there are still some mysteries around, even though most people prefer to think they know it is their god or their comedian or simply ignore inconvenient details altogether - we are all getting remarkably good at that. Whatever rocks your boat.
I wouldn't ridicule anyone for believing in God, but some of the ridiculous things they believe about God make them fair game for it.
the cat could find you easily :-)

guess it doesn't want to be found
Hans. Hilarious I tell you...

@ Elegsabiff - wave .... I didn't miss your point but what I'm saying is that you and I only get to know what the powers to be want us to know, we have no idea what is actually going on behind the curtain of secrecy ..... conversing

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@ Har~ - wave ... Ever so true. ..... conversing

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@ Len - wave ... Yep the moment you walked into the room the cat sensed the air pressure change through it's whiskers and it knows exactly where you are with it's night vision...... cats meow

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Har and hans yep i do not ridicule anyone in a beleif if it helps them get through the night. blind acceptance in the belief of a God, it is the belief in something other than just being helps some folk.
@ lindsy~ - wave .... laugh rolling on the floor laughing

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@ EXRED - wave ... Yes, true but many take it to the extreme...... conversing

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