Trump tries stall tactic to not release tax returns

From USA Today;

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"A dangerous precedent" ? laugh

Every other presidential candidate for the last 50 years has VOLUNTEERED their tax returns for PUBLIC inspection, including Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, George W. Bush.
Heck, even "lying" Ted Cruz.

This is just a request from Congress to make sure that the president's decisions are not steered by his financial connections AND that things have been done legally. This president has been promising his returns for years and not delivered. Gee, I wonder why he is so reluctant to do what EVERY CANDIDATE in the last 50 years has done.

I can only imagine the Republican hysteria, if Obama refused to release his tax returns and then
fought a Congressional request for those returns, which is a Congressional right.
I don´t care whether or not he will show his taxes as long as he does a great job for this country.
I find Trump great !! Why?
He lives in his own world.
He shows unintentionally the real face of the USA to the world!
And it seems as any state created by colonization and occupation it is at the dawn of its self destruction.
A new sun and moon are rising! professor
No further comment.
John, many people believe Trump is covering up illegal activity that could only be proven by reviewing his returns.
Not supporting transparency would indicate they accept the possibility of a president who believes he is above the law.

Which side of the fence are you on?
Many people believe ... what a load of bollocks , to many stupid people who have no idea that Trump was caught up in the Lois Learner audit corruption scandal with a few others spreading lies to smear Trump . If he did any thing wrong the whole world would know . Suck it up princesses , there will be no tax returns from Trump forced from him . The only use that the matter has its keeping the silly occupied .
One of the best things in life is to have a fall back, well I suppose for the ones that need to have something devious to believe in, when all the other avenues no longer have a directional fork to choose from. As the dead ends continue. thumbs up
Perpetual audit. He's not a president he's a hypnotist and you're all mesmerised by the BS.
Current law actually "trumps" the attempted over reach by the house criminal rats. They can take it to the highest court in the land. It's not a congressional issue for them to try exploiting. If there was a problem, it would have been a federal branch called the "Internal Revenue Service" problem.

There are strict protection laws in place to protect people's privacy now. Political power abuses such as this attempt by the demonrats, should be answered with criminal charges and immediate removal from office with zero benefits.
You should learn how to spell Democrat. It's an easy word.
Like I said chatty one, ur control issues are 100%, now ur the spelling police. Do u not have better things to do with your time. Going after such little in sig nif icant things lol. Give me a spell check will ya.. dunno confused ur all the same, how do they say, tared with the same brush.....that must be quite a neighborhood in miami if you think your neighbors are cooking meth,,,,,,,,,,the local potlucks must be really phoqued upcomfort
Bent, it's not a control issue. I'm just trying to help the guy with his credibility.
Let the democrats fight for his worthless returns , what is to be gained more than what has been leaked ,that he has paid millions more than most people will ever see ? Fighting for returns gives crappy people something to do ,worthless individuals with nothing to offer .
well maybe waynes world can help lol, I'm sure you can relate to that
I'm one of the few that said from the start there wasn't any collusion. I've also stated from the beginning that there was primarily obozo regime election interference. Many abuses took place under that hack.

I'm not concerned about my credibility much. It's there. I'm more concerned about how many of my fellow countrymen can be so duped by a certain criminal party that is continually causing more harm than good to the nation.

As Barr attests to congress that there were abuses and spying on the Trump campaign during the obozo administration, things are coming full circle. That circle won't be completed in the manner it should be or with the the results that should take place. We can blame and thank the party of criminals that I will refer to as the "demonrats" that they are.

Along with those testimonies is that hate crimes started spiking in 2013 and nothing starting from 2017 indicates they've gotten any worse.

Many, many things associated with that party deserve extreme over sight and investigation.

To continue with their diversion tactics at tax payer expense and more for something as petty as tax returns, continues to speak loudly of their lack of character and trustworthiness to be where they are.
Barr is a puppet of Trump's. rolling on the floor laughing
Good one...
But he's done such a lousy job, that he was ranked by the top 170 presidential scholars (both conservative and liberal), as overall THE WORST US president in history.

Regardless, wouldn't it be better if there was better transparency, as to where his financial gains have come from, whether foreign agents have influence over him, and whether things are being done legally. He has a long history of illegal activity and thus has had to pay out to plaintiffs on many occasions.

I admit, that sadly, he does show the dark side of a minority, the white supremacist.
We see it on here too. Thankfully, there are checks & balances within the design of the US government
to prevent Trump and other dictator wanna-be's from accomplishing illegal activity.
Indeed, the federal court system has overturned a number of his illegal executive orders.
The voters spoke loudly during the midterm elections and Trump's reign will likely be over
after the next election, if not before.

Excellent statement ! Anyone who fights to allow Trump to not show his tax returns will surely not
be remembered as being on the right side of transparency & justice.

Not the whole world yet. They will. Justice will catch up with him. thumbs up

He sure does chant simplistic phrases over & over again.

He apparently has been under audit for a long time, especially for someone who claims he doesn't pay taxes.
Perhaps there really ARE problems.

Actually, all they are doing, is their job. It is Congresses duty to resolve areas of potential conflict
and illegal activity by the president. That is part of the checks & balances of the 3 branches of government. The president is NOT above the law, despite his belief that he is.
For instance, the "witch hunt" yielded many guilty admissions and findings within his inner circle.
('Jailbirds of a feather')

Actually, according to Trump, he doesn't pay taxes.

That is exactly what I am concerned with regarding Trump. He has done a lot of harm to this country
and likely to do more before he is removed from office.

This is TRUMP'S claim, not Barr's. He wants to investigate to see whether there MAY have been abuses. He made no claim that there definitely was.

You are quite wrong about that. I have blogged about this recently.
Is the President required by law to reveal his tax returns? If not, and if he believes he is popular enough, why should he?
Them poor democrats have been miss-labeled far too long, how bout a new change in public view. Perhaps something like "Judascrats" is more suiting for the lot a ya's scold not cool what the likes of ya'll represent sigh
Trumps re-election bid has just gotten a potential setback. He may not even be on the ballot in Illinois if he doesn't release his tax returns for the last 5 years. This follows the state of Washington, and New Jersey has also advanced a similar bill to the state’s general assembly that would force candidates to disclose their recent tax returns.
So he's already lost up to 3 states.
Yes, EVERYONE is required by law to reveal their tax returns, when requested by Congress.
In addition there are several states in the process of passing laws that require presidential
candidates to reveal their tax returns in several states. Other candidates have had the decency
to volunteer them. Trump has revealed the need for a law requiring it.

o - Thanks for adding the link to the more recent news on Illinois.
There are actually a lot more than 3 states that are in a similar situation.
Indeed, 25 states.

Hurray for increased transparency. thumbs up

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