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As the stomach turns..... the "so-called" president unravels

Today from The Guardian;

(continued in my first comment below)

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(continued from above)


Perhaps after the WORST president in US history is out of office, he can open another fake 'university' to give lessons in courses such as;
'How to be an ineffective president',
'Lying 101',
'Lying to cover one's previous lies 102',
'Lying 10,000',
'How to get idiots to chant locking the wrong person up'
'How to destroy the environment in 100 law reversals',
'Russia is our friend',
'Bringing real bullying to the bully pulpit,
'Destruction of Democracy'.
Narcissistic people thrive on praise and adoration from others.

They can't handle criticism.

Don't worry he will deal with the non-trumpers. laugh
Jim ~ I see where his incoherent tweet was taken down quickly as he he spelt the world Nobel prize Noble and made a few boo boos. . I did not see the Tweet myself. I saw it though. No command of the English language and journalists don't get the Nobel prize anyway it's another name. [can't remember just now ].
~~~~ He certainly looks strained and very tired.
L - I hope he eventually has to deal with a warden after this term is up.

U - I believe you mean a Pulitzer.

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