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Dog food not fit for dogs...

When I was a little kid I was told that dog food could be consumed by humans and it was on the law books to protect people too poor to afford 'people food'. Most of the information I heard was that dog food contained meat by-products. I take that to be ground bone, intestines, scraps of gristle, fat, cartilage and organs.
As I look back, I'm guessing most of that was something of urban legend with a high level of bovine feces. It wasn't important enough to research or dispute. I do remember a friend with a young child who was playing with the family dog and the two of them got into a bad of dry dog food. The toddler was snacking on the stuff and experienced no ill effects.

Today in the news I see the FDA recalled pet food after 28 dogs died.
According to the FDA, three brands of Sportmix products for dogs and cats made by Midwestern Pet Foods may contain potentially fatal levels of the toxin aflatoxin.

That article included a photo from one of the bags that reads NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION
Embedded image from another site

Until they sort out the FDA recall, they should be labeled NOT FOR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION

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My dad once ate dog food. My mother stored a dog food and leftover gravy mix in the refrigerator in Tupperware to serve to the dogs the next day. Well, it didn't make it to the next day. My father ate it as a midnight snack and raved about it, asking her what it was. laugh
It was more a statement about how bad my mother's cooking was, rather than how good the dog food tasted. laugh
At least I don't have to worry about dog food. I don't trust it.

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