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The Humanitarian Crisis On The U.S. Southern Border

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No comment needed.
As an outsider, may I ask this question: these folks who come over illegally, don't they kind of sneak in the que? Why is that ok? If they further more can afford thousands of dollars paid to traffickers (this is likely) doesn't that mean they are among the less needy?

Would it therefore perhaps be more humane to finish the wall and vet them in through strategically placed asylum seekers centres around middle America. I suppose the embassies can be used for this purpose as well.

Just a thought.

easter egg

Happy Easter everybody!
Here's the BBC COMMENTARY from which the Graphic was lifted - See @ 2:00 ...

... And it's not a Bad thought, Grands.

The Problem is that the Crisis Currently In Progress is overwhelming the System meant to deal with such issues.
As reported in the OP presentation - Some detainment facilities are coping with numbers approaching Ten Times their Design Capacity wow ... And the concept of Social Distancing is being flung down and Danced Upon.

Y'all wanna See Covid Spreader Event - Look at the Presentation in the OP ...
Cuz That's What Covid Spreader Event LOOKS LIKE.

Some migrants seeking Refuge are being released & not even given a date when they can appear & make their case.

It's been said, "The U.S. doesn't have enough pencils to dot all the I's & cross all the T's."

Lying POS POTIS Biden created this crisis and is now backed into a corner and has no idea what to do with it.
That reminds me...on the Election night, 2020 ABC pundit pulled this cute Lil rabbit from his mouth...

P S..word of honor: $eriously that's what he said...Then eYe turned to my roommate--
Did you catch that ? He, being a magic Dem.
...caught NOTHING....sleep
All these lovely new voters aye , Harris won't need to have ballot boxes stuffed 2024
@ Riz
Twain had an interesting take on your kind of "Statistics"!laugh
Only 10 weeks into 'president' houmous brain's tenure and the border is already significantly worse than at any time under Trump. I suppose when you encourage illegals to surge the border (as houmous brain did in a Democrat Primary debate), people are actually going to listen and then take action. Many thousands coming in through Texas - part of Democrats' plans to turn Texas blue? Probably. But in any case, an unmitigated disaster.

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