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News - The Steele Dossier 2, Russia was listening & how you can get $250,000

It seems that former British spy, Mr. Steele, not only gave the US government an intelligence briefing on Donald Trump and his associates with Russia before Trump became (the worst) US president, but also supplied the government more supplemental information from additional sources of ongoing violations, even after the orange clown was inaugurated, one of the biggest mistakes in US history.

His information helped lead to the arrest and conviction of Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos. The fact that the 3 of them and Trump are not in a jail cell right now, argues for a reduction in the powers of the president, including the pardon powers, appointments of attorney generals, and the protection from indictment for the president.

No one should be above the law.

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Here's the first Steele Dossier, in case you never saw it;

Some of the 35 pages are redacted due to being top secret.
But most of it is there for all to read.
Here's the first page, including a summary. tip hat

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Repent and Your hatefulness is forgiven wave

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You should let Trump know. He's the one so full of hate for so many people.

Perhaps one day he WILL repent for his sins against this country.
Hard to believe though, as he lacks both empathy and a conscience.
It's more about whatever he thinks he can get away with.
Still the piper will be paid eventually.

Either way, history will correctly remember him as officially the worst US president in history.
The experts in that field have determined so.

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