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Feels so good

This morning I left my ex-girlfriend's place to play modified fast pitch softball.
I went 3 for 4 at the plate, but the team did not fare as well.
It was very hot & sunny and got hotter the more the game progressed.

After the game, I stopped by a grocery store and bought seedless grapes,
mangoes, honey BBQ sauce and a package of frozen strawberry fruit pops.
I ate 2 of the latter on the drive home and am now finishing the last one
while having a fan blow cool air on me.

All I can say, is that, it..... feels so good.

Comments (8)

Nice blog Jim. Oh, reminds me I got one mango in the fridge myself.
Hold on hehe.
Jim, i have a but stiffness, now and then, in my left arm after the first shot, 4 weeks ago. Could that be pshycedelic?
is she an ex if you still see her? confused
crypt, my ex-wife and I had relations after divorce. We didn't see a problem with that.

Jim, it was in the 90's here today. A few hours outside and I'm treating the burn with white vinegar.
just saying, a reg hookup isn't an ex
G - unless you're getting hallucinations, it's not a psycodelic.

cr - She's an ex-girlfriend, not an ex-lover. At one time we were steady & exclusive.
Not anymore. Now it's a friends with benefits program. It's much better this way.

ch - It was in the 90's (F) here today also. I used a sun block lotion on my exposed skin though. So, no burns for me today.
Nice blog Jim. I'm still friends with my ex too, good friends.
You gotta have the love, Jim. It can't just be about sex with the husk of a dead relationship.
F - I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you enjoy a similar friendship.

CC - Perhaps that's the way you think, but I never said that it was only about sex.
If it was, I would leave right after the action was over. laugh

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