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Intelligent Design

There seems to be a narcissistic belief among people who follow religious dogma that human beings are extremely well designed and that they are the pinnacle of perfection. As though their creator couldn't possibly create a living being especially in the image of the creator himself, which could be flawed or inferior in any way. This concept of humans being created in the image of God must, by definition, represent absolute perfection, nothing could be more perfect than God himself they reason, and if man was created in his image, it follows therefore that man must be perfect.

If this were true, humans would be stronger, faster, able to catch and kill other creatures for food with tooth & fang & claw. Instead, humans are probably the weakest animal in the forest, jungle or sea. They can't outrun a pig or even a squirrel, even a Chimpanzee is stronger, a female lion could catch and kill Arnold Schwarzenegger from 50 yards in about 30 seconds and he is one of the strongest examples of manhood there is. Take a human out of the jungle and drop him in a lake and he will drown. Drop almost any other land animal in a lake, Cat, Dog, Cow, and they will simply swim to shore though they never got swimming lessons.
So where do these people come up with saying humans are designed Intelligently when they are in fact a really inferior design? It really contradicts the notion that man was created in the image of a God. The whole idea is nonsensical.

Intelligent Design? I don't think so!

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It BEGAN Perfect - However ...

"In Adam's Fall, We Sinned ALL."
-The New England Primer, 1690

... And Every thing's been Less Perfect (and Getting WORSE??) ever since ... sigh

Ooby this'll prove to be an interesting arrangement of thoughts, ideas and opinions, popcorn
While I agree with a lot of what you said, I disagree with the following;

That's a bit severe. laugh We are not the strongest, nor the weakest.
A God would have designed a better waste disposal system. JS.

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