Learning to drive is a lot of fun!

Last Monday, the 31st of January, I began my driving education. Yesterday was the first day where I was out on the road to drive, while my driving instructor sat beside me.

I am not going to lie, I was nervous the day before my driving. Not so much as the driving, but more of all the mistakes I would be making. Stalling the car, changing gear too badly or braking too violently. Once we were out in the car, however, it went well. Some things still need to be ironed out, but overall, I am quite happy with my performance. My driving instructor was also impressed by my driving.

I have another drive tomorrow morning at 8 am, and then another one on Friday. I will definitely try to be more gentle with the breaks. But the most important thing is this: I am having a lot of fun! When I drove yesterday, I felt a sense of freedom! If I feel that way tomorrow, I am sure I will be a great driver!
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It is wonderful to have a job one loves. This might be great for you, I hope so. Good Luck
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