Memorable moments!

What is the most memorable moments of your life? Finding Santa did not exist?
Seeing Man walk on the Moon (or not), finding out that the girl next door was in
Her tree with Her binoculars watching You?
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Finding CS !! roll eyes
So many but my most memorable moments are bringing my children into this world.
Finding out that this world is all an illusion and that we live in a man-made construct head banger
What I'd like to know is what had you back then that the girl next door risked, breaking her neck just to have a look/peep at roll eyes

Back to the memorable moments, and apart from the givens.....
The night A then stranger sang to me smitten

For me it was Sept. 1962...first day of Kindergarten.
At my home room maybe 3 chill minutes..
And then a stranger walks in & announces that everyone is to get up & follow him IMMEDIATELY FAMILY NOW ! ..


But surely, you live in a woman made construct, don't you?
Hope all worked out on that unforgettable night ....
(not asking) just saying teddybear
Part 2..$ame bat month, same bat school
[ South River NJ, elementary ]
..your 6 year old reporter living just 2 blocks from said Establishment...
On the occasion of walking home from school the 3rd time... another fine New Jersey Ian thought I needed to die...but was thwarted in the attempt because I am McBob, gun control baby & wing Commander.
roll eyes
I've no idea what that means but all the same, I'll leave a rose with you rose
There are good memories of many moments.

But the best time now is "the warmest bed and the most comfortable sleep all night"

Good night ...!!
If I were you, I would also hide myself! smile wink
Shut up and give me a cuddle, Dan, hug
First, you have to tell me if you're a real Irishman?

I only cuddle Irishmen, after hearing their accent. smitten
Of course I'm not an Irishman, which you already know, if only you knew it. irish scold

I could practice an Irish accent if you insist, but I'm hoping it won't be necessary.
Sorry, I don't like fakes.scold
That's fine, I don't mind not being liked. It seems we were made for each other.
That's right! A match made in heaven smitten

Btw.. I already have an Irishman in my life...the OP is my soulmate.tongue
What it means is, here in Amerika.. even in 1962, in a small town...there are cold blooded criminally insane
Zombies.... when you meet one, it's like they wear an aura of death ) . destruction..
Every year Amerika loses hundreds of thousands of children...on top of the hundreds who go missing in Natl. Parks.... Amerika is a giant freak show. These type of "stories" ..clog up Night time radio here on the Left Coast.
When I was 15 I went to Canada with a good friend of the family in his 49 Dodge. His name was Gus. He was Canadian and we stopped for a visit at his relatives house in Quebec. There was a cute girl there same age as me. She was Gus's Niece, I'll just call her M. The trip was grueling because Gus was not a great driver and he never went over 45 MPH. I was tired from the trip and decided to take a rest on the couch in the living room. While I was lying on the couch M decided to sit on the couch which was along the opposite wall. She was wearing a frilly summer dress and as I lay there I was presented with a clear view of M. with her legs spread apart and I could see that she was not wearing any undies. It was love at first sight.heart wings
You're eighty odd years of age and that's what you come up with doh
Such a pig.
Well in that case Bob I were right to leave with you a rose.

Such zombies are everywhere with stolen children, world wide sad flower
Did you miss the part where I said I was 15 years old?
I think you traumatised her, after all, she is just an innocent irish cailini, methinks you may have a spell cast upon you.
Did you miss where I said you are NOW eighty odd doh
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