So long County fairs.

As a child, the fair was THE event of the summer. There wasnt much else for stuff. Drive in movies, root beer stand, cruising. The whole area geared up for the fair. Women baked and canned and sewed to win a ribbon. Men got their demo cars and tractors ready. Artists created what they hoped would net that blue ribbon. Kids did stuff in school to see on display at the fair. 4H kids raised their animals and taught them to enjoy a bath. Businesses prepared booths to hawk their stuff as well as vendors. The Farm Bureau and Fire Department set up their food sales. Mobile food trailers offered heartburn at outrageous prices along with free flies. That was FLIES not fries.rolling on the floor laughing
My parents and I went on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. The midway was packed with neighbors and huge gab fests filled the grounds. Kids went in mobs to fill up on cotton candy, corn dogs and ride the rides to get sick. Couples chased kids and young couples walked hand in hand oblivious to all.
Mom rode the Tilt a Wheel and Scrambler with me. Dad rode the Ferris wheel with me. If lucky I got to play a couple of games that dad thought were a rip off. At night, the lights looked like Las Vegas. Sunday everyone went to collect their stuff and watch the roadies tear down the rides.
My guy and I went this Wednesday. Give that it was a weekday. Yet, that was not all that was wrong. The rides were running with one person aboard. Only one vendor was selling his clothes. The buildings were sparse. Where once they had to build another one because they couldn't pack any more booths in, there were vast spaces between them now. The building for Bingo was empty. The antique tractor pull had maybe 5 tractors and few people in the grandstand.
I checked the animals. Cows there were, being pampered for show and sale. But sheep and goats offered a handful each as well as hogs. 6 goats does not a show make.blues
We didnt ride the rides, nor ate anything, had parked in the car show with his 58 Ford low rider truck. Not paying $7 for a pretzel or mug of hand made soda.
Now every town has 6 "events" a year. Water parks compete, shows, attractions of all kinds. Along with people who dont create, dont farm, sit on game consoles and Smart phones and talk to everyone on Zoom and Tic Toc. The sad part is most of it is for money. Not to enjoy a community of neighbors.
Guess being a recluse is fine since no one cares anymore.moping
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I care! The young days we remember will never be the same as they are now...

Reading your blog was very evocative...

The older you get, the better you can reminisce!! wine
I looked forward to the county fair as a kid. In Maryland it was in Timonium and still is. The rides, the games, the food...what a great time. From what I understand the fair is still going strong, but they added live bands, so I think that helped a great deal.
Bboy!!!!!!! Did this "Blog" spesak to my childhood! It was called "The Arapahoe County Fair" and had all you stated plus a Rodeo:)
I haven't heard about that event in years IF it even exists anymore..........Now, BC (before COVID) Denver had set up a "County Fair" at our Western Stockshow Arena...........who knows now. I HAVE seen dedicated participation like you described at Flea Markets around Denver as well as smaller "Faires"..........and I THINK that the "People's Faire" is still going on AC (After COVID)
But,I feel as you seem to do, the many people these days are so wrapped up in their Cell Phones that it's hard to get a conversation going even at the dinner table let alone a gathering. One of my new clients told me yesterday that he LITERALLY threw his television out the window years back. He and his girlfriend/fiance' go outside, walk the dog, TALK to one another.......HOW NOVEL OF AN IDEA!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane:)
I love reading your blog, Orzzz bouquet

I’ve not been to a county fair yet here in the US, hopefully that will change soon.
I've never seen a fair that was kosher. And that ain't fair. But, used to be, only bulls that had nose-rings, too. Now, women've got'em. Heck, I had to quit watching TV, long ago. I have an old movie projector. Now, if I can find some old films, I'll be good to go! I'm have my own drive-in!

daydream Luvvin' on the Demolition Derby - Especially the fires ... very happy

One of the competitions among the kids was to see how many full inverted loops one could make on the Rock-O-Plane.

One weekday afternoon -
The crowd was light - No lines for the Midway Rides.

The operator loaded us up & set us a-whirling -
Then got talking or otherwise distracted & neglected to shut us off.
We got like THREE Consecutive rides ... At Least!

I & a buddy did THIRTY-SIX Full Inverted Loops wow
A record which, to the best of my knowledge, has Never Been Approached.

The ultimate Bragging Rights were that Neither of us even threw up ... batting

It prepared me for service flying crewman on USCG helicopters.

Practicing Auto-Rotations - simulating losing engine power in flight.
Disengage the engine & bottom the collective = No power & No lift from the main rotor -
The helo immediately begins falling at the full velocity of gravity =
The crew experiences 0 Gravity ala riding in NASA's "Vomit Comet" DC8 Zero-G simulator that acquaints astronauts with no gravity.

It's a Helluva Ride, lemme tell y'all!

Never threw up ... batting

I'm lucky in the County | state Fair dept.
1. If your Fair did not feature horse racing probably sucked.
2. Texas State Fair baby ! 66 & 67.
2a.) ..and in the Fall ... usually high light Ed
By OU vs. TX in the Cotton bowl.

In fact, one hour at the TX state Fair of 1966
Would be better than all day @ the Disneyland of
Now. Just sayin.
Going loop da loop never was my idea of fun. Mom was leery of most rides that went wild. She said these rides were torn down, trucked and then put back together by drink rowdies and whomever they hired at the towns. I imagined the Rocket flying off over the town into the river cause someone missed a bolt or two.
I used to enter the paintings. Never won and we wondered about the judge. He picked the worst we thought. One year, short one to enter. So tossed in a water color of the barn. It had a moisture issue and the white pine painted did weird things in the paint. got first!wow doh I said to mom..that proves it..the judge is an IDIOT!. She said probably puzzling over your "technique".rolling on the floor laughing
I quit when there were 100 or more entries. What chance did I have. Now I think there are maybe..10 entries?doh moping Sad. But, too old to care anymore.
thanks for was an interesting readwow
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