Modern day Romeo & Juliet

It was such an animalistic experience, being with him. He was beautiful, inside and out. His soul felt soft and warm, yet cold and scared. His innermost desires were so transparent to me. We connected in a different time, a different place-on a different level, and he knew it. Every fiber of our beings was interconnected when we were together. He made me feel alive again. As alive as I felt, I never knew I could feel so unbeliveably alone at the same time.

We crossed paths for a reason, no doubt. It’s still unclear what exactly that reason was. He had the ability to delve into the intricate inner workings of my mind and fully understand me without having to say a word. He left me speechless.
Sometimes I couldn’t look at him because he saw through my façade and directly into the pain and hurt in my eyes. He hugged me with his eyes, and secretly wished he could take away all my hurt. He felt what I had been through, even though I never uttered a word.

I felt so exposed yet so free at the same time. Someone finally looked at me and silently understood who I was as a person and placed no judgement on me. Oh, how bittersweet life is. Our words made no difference, because time stopped when we were together. We couldn’t be anywhere but in the present moment. It was mystical.

My excitement was short-lived, balanced by the awful feeling brewing in the pit of my stomach. We would never be together, and I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on him. That is what made me feel sad and alone beyond all belief. For a long time I forgot how scary it was to feel such intense emotion. Suppressing my desires was a constant battle of the ego.

How could I be willing to take a leap of faith on someone knowing that my instincts had never let me down in the past? What lesson was he here to teach me? Just as quickly as we understood each other, we became inseparable. Sometimes the body takes on a mind of its own. Sometimes we succumb to our desires in order to temporarily fill a void.

The problem is, you can’t trust someone who can see directly into your soul, but isn’t willing to break down their own walls. Like a chess game, they anticipate your next move, and have their next five moves already plotted out.

This wonderful alliance was predestined to fail, but I was determined to prove fate wrong, and pay the consequences. I deserved something great, and wonderful, and to feel alive again. But who was I kidding?
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Sometimes we "know" better, but we play the cards anyway, because we are so drawn into it. The mystical thing to me is that so few people have that connection with us. And when they do, it is often destined to fail. (Romeo and Juliet ring a bell)?

hug laugh sad flower
Beautifully written. Thank you applause
ahhh drea, wish i ever felt like that
Just a heads up.
The length of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, from when he meet her and they suicide, is approximately 2 days.
They kissed on the first day they meet, separate for 1 day and suicide the next one when she woke up.

If you hear about this in this modern society, it's called naive and stupid.
deeeeeeeeeeeep hole

Yes, we do crazy things that clearly defy our instincts. Yet, we still do them. These are the vagaries of human mind, heart and soul we consist of.

Yes, it is much more complicated than what it appears to be. And you only know where and how the shoe pinches after when you have actually worn it yourself. But the experience is priceless. I would prefer to have it and repent rather than not actually knowing what it is and repenting. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes, sometimes not.
Miss Calm- I totally agree. Finding people you have a connection like that with is few and far between....but I would rather wait for that connection and the right timing, then settle for something less hug And, I think it is good to experience, even if you know it isnt right. It gives you the sense that there is something great out there cheers
Thanks Mary! cool That was sweetkiss
Mr. Pitts..haha yea only happened once dunno

It was a mere metaphor for the situation....not supposed to be a a mirror image....sorry if you didnt catch that dunno dancing

Agreed, that was a glimpse into my deep side....laugh

Not sure what came over me, it just all came to me at once. That situation was over 2 years ago and I hadnt thought about it for a long time...

Max, I agree...I wouldnt change it for the was priceless cheers
Hi drea!

I didn't mean to make you agitated.
I was just boasting my knowledge about Rome and Juliet laugh.
I should have use more emoticons to show that i wasn't serious about it. doh

I'm sorry it you didn't catch it too.
nastalga rules .
Drea, i felt that special connection with Princess Diana. but the stupid woman went for a moron who turned out to be a lover of fat cows
Mr Pitts what is your obsession with Princess D? laugh

I would have pictured you going more for that princess of Jordan? Not sure if thats the right country but she kinda looked like Jasmine from Aladdin. laugh
the short hair Drea!!! the short hair!
well Queen Rania is next in line
Really? Short hair? I guess I had you pegged never cease to amaze me cool
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