Full Circle

The world is moving at an extremely accelerated rate, and I find things coming to me 'full circle.' In my personal life I am having near instant karma. I am seeing it everywhere, everyday, multiple times a day. People are coming out of the woodworks from my past, presenting themselves in the same scenarios. I am also noticing a very social aspect to things lately. Meaning, in social situations, I seem to be able to view the interactions from the outside, with a different lens, able to see the way the synergies mix, and how it is that like attracts like, and learning the new aspects of people from other points of view, able to detach myself from the situation personally and see it for what it really is. I see the root of many miscommunications, and also the revelation of innocence for many incidents I had once blamed myself for.

A tough lesson I learned long ago is that your past behaviors will always come back to visit later in life. They say the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. That is not to say people don't change, but it often takes the ability to recognize these opportunties for growth within ourselves first. Many times the truth has to smack us in the face quite a few times before we really grasp the reality of the situation.

I am also noticing that the way people have treated/mistreated me is presenting itself at a very high rate. For example, I ran into a woman I knew 6 years ago. Due to unforseen circumstances, we had to suddenly work together for about 10 days. The connection we had never changed. It actually became stronger over the course of those 10 days. Ironically, I was only reconnected with her due to someone else's attempt at sabotage. This woman's attempt at sabotage, may have very well inadvertently handed me something I have dreamed of for a long time, on a silver platter!

In the real world, I can honestly say that I take a genuine interest in everyone I meet, and truly try to hone in on them and make a connection with their true purpose here.

Some are too scared to show their face, or too weak-minded to understand, or too egoistic. Or sometimes maybe I am those things.

We would be a lot better off if we just remind ourselves that the set-backs and disappointments we face should be viewed as one step closer to where we really need to be....and not one step back......

cool cheers
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Are you hitting the pot again?
No pot mike, sorry. You might have to contact 'Surewood' about that laugh beer
Did it take a lot of "honing" in on me to figure out my true purpose here?confused

I think you suffer from what I do, thinking too much.

But good writing, seriously.cheers
haha Mike, no, your purpose here was pretty obvious to me dunno

sometimes I have a deep side, what can I say handshake
Right on, Drea! Things are moving faster and the poop is hitting the fan. The only way to stay centered is to have this objective attitude you eloquently have written about here. We get to tie up loose ends fast these days, so all the unresolved garbage is showing up. People are great teachers, aren't they? It is fun to watch, like a scientist, all of our reactions to outside influences. It feels like a true victory when something happens that would have shaken us not long ago, now barely registers as a blip on our radar.

haha yes Miss V, when it rains it pours. I just wonder now when the climax comes.....confused
I'd like to comment, but I'm lost.

You nice ladies have a good evening,sleep

When things get too complicated for me, I turn to drugs, lol


learn to go with the flow...as they say. Stop thinking and just let your natural reflexes move you. That's what men dodunno
Like Mikey says, just stay in the flow...that's all that can be done. Too bad when he said that's what men do, he failed to mention that his flow is located in his pants.laugh laugh

We know what we are saying though so that's what matters.laugh
haha yes, I knew if anyone understood where I was coming from, it would be miss V! kiss

Mike, you are talking about just 'going with the flow?' laugh

I always just go with the flow....I just meant I wonder how long things will continue at this rate. Sometimes I think taking a week off to go out to the mountains would really bring the pace of things back to normal. too bad theres not really any mountains near here laugh
go0d m0rning..
ms. Dre
Whatever,whenever,wherever..the önly key is to expand our ability and range of understanding to accept and change what we needed to be a better person...all the answers is within ourselves and the people around us help us to find the way to make it out!
yep, u got it miss shell beer
Drea111. Your this blog is deep. And perhaps I can not understand all of the meaning you express because my comprehension and my reading skill are a bit poor. But this title did remind me of the following picture:

the full circle

Embedded image from another site

Yes, you captured the entire point with that symbol. Sometimes it is hard to convey the point in writing, when it flows so simply in our mind.

Until last weekend, it had been a long time since I went to get my hair done. I decided to treat myself. The girl who usually does my hair was with another client, so I ended up getting this man with just a pure energy. Another man came and started helping him, and we all started talking. I jokingly asked him what it felt like to have an assistant. He then told me how he used to own two of his own salons, and then his wife got cancer, and then he got cancer, and then he decided to go back to his passion, just simply cutting/styling hair, as opposed to running a business. Every ounce of his energy went into doing the best job he could. I hadn't felt as good as I felt when I left there than I have in a long time. It felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders, literally and figuratively. Point here is that this man had been cutting hair for 35 years, owned two of his own salons, and gave it all up to go back to doing what he loved. It is so rare to meet people these days who are in tune with their passion and truly put their all into everything they do. Not sure how relevant this story is, but what Im getting at is that often we get so consumed with useless pursuits, and if we just focused on what is really meaningful to us, we would be happy, regardless of the circumstances cheers
maybe if you can access google from china you can use 'google translate' Not sure if that would even help, sometimes I dont even understand my own writings! hehe laugh
Meow meow, where is the little black furrie? And the santa? dancingsanta

The pic Jan posted is called 'the Eight Diagrams', it is usually used in Fengshui (geomantic omen). I think it's not a bad idea to help you out of the troubles and find your mojo back soon. laugh hug

Drea, to tell the truth, I love the way you write and the way you express yourself. I see nothing wront with standing for oneself, but most of the time it's the misunderstanding that keeps getting in the way of communication. All I want to say is, the key to finding happiness is first discovering it within ourselves. If we're unhappy with ourselves, nothing in life is going to make us happy. Life can be difficult, and at times like it is constantly conspiring against us and our desire to find happiness. Things do not always work out the way we had planned or expected and people often let us down, so if we're constantly depending on others to make us happy, we're going to be disappointed more often than not. Try to find something that makes you happy, stop dwelling on the 'pointlessness' whether in your life or on this site. If there is no mountain to climb on, then go to a rockery in the garden nearby.. laugh you need a good laugh away the problems! By the way, has your new hairdo helped you get closer to your mojo? cheers
I am definitely feeling the flow of female wisdom here. Good morning all!wave wave Nice to wake up and read something that inspires.

My work in progress has been to do only that which brings me joy. It is not as easy as it would seem. I sure am learning how much of a people pleaser I can be. Also learning that I do way too much out of guilt or obligation. bouquet
Clarification: Go with the flow only after being 100% convinced the current is too strong to fight. Why fight a battle you know you can't win, type of thinking. Accepting defeat, and learning to live with the loss is necessary. That doesn't mean there won't be more battles to win and victories to celebrate.

Something is "front and center" on your mind in some of your writing even though the words dance around it. My intuition tells me so. I'd take a stab at it, but I have no right. Forgive me for saying so if I'm wrong. But there is a lot weighing on your mind. I only offer my words as words of encouragement. I like to see my 111 happybeer

Ahhh, mountains. Or, just know, your always welcome to grow your arm pit hair out and come over and feel the wind with me.hug
Yan. I would like to call it “yin-yang fish” picture. See, they are two fish, one is white, and one is black. One stands for yin, and one stands for yang.

And it is not only something about fengshui. It is also something about philosophy. If the black fish goes to the extreme, then it will become the white one; the same to the white fish. Something begins, then it grows, and grows to the extreme, then it will turn into the beginning of another thing. Just like when the quantities are enough and reach to the extreme, the quality will change.

It is something related to the middle of the road, the balance of everything, and so on.
...and what's up with the guy "married" hair dresser? Give me a break. I may be just a truck diver, but I get out a little, those guys are ALL gay.confused I've had the unfortunate opportunity to meet a couple of them. Gave me the willies. I opted to sit out in the car for an hour in 100+ heat over having 'them' look me up and down.
Hi Drea, honestly, I was pondering long time, after I read your blog.. I wanted to write a comment, but it was like I could not gather appropriate words and terms to address the point precisely… Though you try to generalize the point, using “we” in the last two paragraph, its obvious that this blog is more personal and showing some kinda inner struggle you are going thru right now.. may be I’m wrong.. just my observation..

Well.. all I can tell you is, what you go thru or experiencing, the ups and downs in your life, pleasant or bitter events in day today life, whatever, help you to realize that you are “human”…. Yes sometimes it’s them, and sometimes it’s us… who else it can be? :)

Most of the time, we push ourselves too much; I have realized that I can’t satisfy everyone in this world. Sometimes, not even my own self. I’m very good at being my own critic!!

Its not that we don’t know happiness is something within, but we forget.. We listen with an opened mouth when people talk about how a certain situation turned-around their whole life, and how they traveled thru that adventure, and how they arrived safely to live their life today, and we doubt and question us, whether we would do the same, most of the time, we come to a conclusion that we wouldn’t.. But you know, they too wouldn’t have liked it just like us, its pure circumstances that made them go thru all that!! Who knows, you and I would do better than some of the best adventures we have heard of, if we really really have to face something similar to that, or may be we can take up more :)

My point is, the most important thing in your (anyone’s) life is to “feel human”.. A human fail and succeed, feel happy and sad, burst out and calm-down and so on and still continue to live without giving up at any point!!!. And while living, who is open to grow and learn, And with all the knowledge, experience and vigilance, who understand that things can still go wrong at certain situations. In my opinion, this is the minimum level of enlightenment every one of us should have..

You know, when we learn more and experience more, it becomes easy and difficult at the same time.. You and I both know how happy we were when we were children. :) but aren't we enjoy life in a different way now? We got the key!! :)

When I was young, I worked in a hair salon. Believe me, the men are not all gay. My boss was quite the womanizer. He reminded me of Warren Beatty in Shampoo. He did get good tips though...grin
lol. miss V, No man with testicles would become a hair dresser. Trust me. Perhaps that 'man' you speak of was still in the closet? .rolling on the floor laughing
doh Mike, think about it... if you wanted to touch women all day long, what better profession could you be in, that doesn't require an MD?cheers
lol. and while we're on the subject, NO man will every tough mike3478's head. I always cut my own hair, but the few times I tried to please a woman, we compromised with a woman hair cutter. I actually kind of enjoyed it, her pretty hands massaging my head.beer

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to cut a man's hair. All you need is a sharp object, knife or scissors and a mirror. And even the mirror is optional. The objective it to make the hair shorterdunno

To many other things to focus on in life.
opps, should read touch, not "tough". lol
Well, all the barbers used to be men. I'm sure they weren't all gay. We have semi hijacked this blog. doh
It's ok the blogger can handle it, she's a tough cookie.

Back the hijackinggrin See that is what a woman would think, oh man wants to touch woman's head/hair. No, that is why you have to ask a man, what a man thinks, and do not ask a woman what a man thinks.

No man is going to be able to live with himself telling his male buddys he's a hair dresser. lol
years ago, the male barber, yes, they were all closet homosexuals.

Do you need any other questions answered while I'm here?
wow CS removed my picture....confused weird.

Mike seriously, are you that much of a homophobe? Who cares if he was gay or not? It almost sounds like you are jealous of a near 65 year old man with cancer who cut my hair! roll eyes

The point there was that this guy used to own two very high end salons. Took a HUGE paycut to go back to do what he loves. I just enjoyed his zest for life. Quit being ignorant
blushing sorry. I did catch the moral of the story. I did think it was great. It's a attention deficit disorder. Hey aren't you supposed to be at work?

I actually I thought that was a great story of accepting defeat and making the best of it. That is what inspired my comments. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. You can be happy after a loss. It's inside of us to convince ourselves it's OK to fail or have losses. Life's happiness doesn't revolve around grandioso dreams being fulfilled. You just have to learn to work with what you have, make the best of it, and be happy with it.

Damn I wish I could remember that saying about "simplicitys" value in life.
Well written thumbs up I believe the only thing i can rely in in these times of acceleration is my intuition grin
Jahzah, me too! That and staying present. I am feeling some anxiety today, and the practice is all about bringing my mind/thoughts back to this moment. cheers
Hi Miss Emily! cheers Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I agree that we need to focus on finding something that makes us happy. I think that has been my problem lately, is that I find myself 'stuck' in a situation I am unhappy about, and no near end in sight. So yes, it has been quite a struggle for me. I think the struggle is that I know where I need to be but I know it is not going to happen soon.

like the saying goes....'sometimes you gotta do what you don't want to do, to get where you want to be'

considering he got to touch your hairconfused lol no comment.

Woman don't understand the feelings that develop when man thinks another MAN looks at them in a s*xual way. I don't think I can explain it to you, but I assure you, it's instinct, so I feel no guilt in what I said.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a gay hater, I just don't want them touching me, or thinking about having sex with me.dunno
oh.....P.s. YES, I was rather tired when I wrote about the hairdresser, but yes my original connection with him to this blog was that he did indeed, help me find my mojo back.....and he reinforced the fact in my mind, that in the end everything works itself out. After everything he went through, in the end, he stayed true to himself. hug
Are you talking about sleeping with your boss?
Mike, you are digging yourself a hole here.

Miss Drea, isn't it miraculous that as we ask for guidance someone pops in to inspire us? The most unlikely person, giving you the answers that you were seeking. I love that!

It happens all the time, but a lot of times we don't notice that we are being given what we need. Glad you are aware enough to know that he was an angel in disguise.

Now tell us what your dream is. What do you want to do? Are you going to move to Colorado and live in the mountains? They are amazing! cheers
mike, seriously, dont be stupid. My boss is a woman. This blog has nothing to do with my boss!

Ok, I'll stop before I can't get out, providing it's not too late already.

I need to bring a truck load of ketchup to some very unhappy people anyway.
well the dream I referred to in this blog I suppose would be the best possible scenario in my current enviornment.....

but one of my dream jobs has always to work for National Geographic as a photojournalist....travel around and write articles and take pictures! I would love that. Have been debating on getting a second degree in journalism, but not sure yet. When I was little I used to save up my babysitting money to buy acres of the rainforest.....I always loved watching shows on that, and wished I could go there and explore and study it. The world is such an amazing place!! I often find it funny when I meet people who have never been out of their own state!!

I would love to go to the mountains there! Ive never been to colorado yet hug

and yes, you got the point exactly about him being in the right place at the right time.....that is what I was getting at in my blog.....that I have noticed how all the people we meet can eventually come back full circle to expose something to us when we need it most heart beating Sometimes its just hard to translate from my brain to the blog! beer
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