I'm changing My Nationality, to Irish

They say, . . The Irish have more fun, . . and are better Lovers,

Yep, . .

First thing, . . I'm gonna do, is get my hair Dyed Real Bright Red, . . yep the mustache too .. laugh . . .

and Next, . . I'm going down to my local tatoo parlor, . . .and I'm gonna get 3,427 freckles, . . tatooed on, . . . .yay . . . all, . . .over the place. . .drinking . . yep, . . that's what I'm gonna do, . . dancing
, . and If that's not enough freckles to make me irish, . . . I'm going out to the beach, and lie in the Sun, . . . untill i get 2,321, . . . more, .
. .. .ok? . . .Sound like a good Idea?, . . dunno
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jester, are you trying to impress someone, i jest you not.
Now don't get crazy on us, Jester! laugh laugh I'm not Irish but I have the freckles and the red hair. Being a freckled redhead is not for the feint of heart!laugh laugh
good luck jest....all the best....

hello mr sensitive ben....uh oh
laugh Don't forget the irish pubs friend..love them..
Irish music and the crazy River dance...cool cheers
hi miss venus with a vry beautiful back and shoulder...sexy...whoever tells that u r about 40???i thought u are 10 years younger....wow
Oooooooo connect the dots.applause Freckles will do for the map.
I really am unsure what to take from this except maybe you are jestingdunno help
Wow, . .poof poof , . .poof, . .
Where did all you folks come from so fast/ , . . . doh
we dance in the dungeons too.
Embedded image from another site
jester, you always draw a crowd, you know that, from as far away as austrie.
I only posted a couple ninutes ago, . . . . you guys scared the devildevil , . . .out of me, . . . .uh oh
We were in the bushes AJ....laugh just to keep an eye on you
laugh Hi,cheers
we are really waiting for ur magical fantasy blog...wave
ah sure were mischiveos in ireland, and as you said, the best lovers in the world.
I'm cracking upLaughin too much to type, . .almost, . . This must be My littel. . . late, . . surprise partylaugh yawn love cheers conversing blushing applause doh
wow, . . .there's just to many of you, . . . .you got me out numbered , . .I can't even get all my dots,......typed out
Yes..laugh pijama party.cos I'm just out of bed now..here it is half past three..laugh
surprise!!!!!happy birthday...party danceline
No worries, Jester! We can party with you or without you, but with you is more fun! So, forget the freckles and let the good times roll!
2-30 here and i have the lap-top in my coffin.
yay ben...yay dracula...cool
Thank you, N&E, that pic is about 4 years old. I am less than two years from being 50 and I feel great!! yay yay
jesus, maybe i should leave, im here at 2-30 with 2 whiplash artists and a jester, its a dream.
The dark angel sleeps in a coffin when he is not hanging in my dungeon.grin This is going to be fun! danceline buddies dance party
Wow, Thanks, . . . ben,and venus, and nice and easy and keesey and some lady, I don't know yet, . .roll eyes cheering wave blushing wink conversing cheers handshake , . . . .
i'm just sorry i didn't know there would be this many Happy irish folks, out tonight, . . .
By the way, . . Are you guys cool,. . . .with me becoming Irish . .

Cause if i do, . . . .I don't want ya to get MAD at me later, . . and kick me out of your Nationality, . .ok?roll eyes
jest...u will be a very cool irish man..but do u have to dye ur hair????wow
im irish, and i dont have red hair, ok, lets get the wise cracks over with.
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Just be black Irish. They are in all the romance novels. Black hair and blue eyes. Ooooh baby!!! smitten smitten
Yep Nice, . . .Dyeing the hair Really BRIGHT red is mandatory, in the official Irish Nationaliation, emergency Handbook, . . they tell me, . . . .

I just stepped out for a moment to grab this DVD for us to watch, . . . I don't know if i did it right, . . .

Yep, . .Mister yash, . .er i mea Flash loaned it to ,mecool
The only way we could know that for sure is if you moon us, Ben. We certainly can't tell by your head shot!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
but ben doesnt have a red hair....hehehhehehe....grin
oh No Ben, . . i just noticed, . . I hope they don't kick you out of Ireland, . . .for not having enough red Hairs, . . . uh oh
im not bald venus, this is a fashion statement, thats my whipping gown, in the previous post.
Poor Ben, . . .Venus and Nice are ganging up on you,love smitten smitten , . . .but ill bet , . . you're lovin it, . . dancing
we judge men here on the size of there dangler, im considered royalty.
Nothing is sexier than bald, Ben! I just can't tell your hair color, that's all!conversing
Well, we only have your testimony to back that claim up, Ben.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing None of us have had the privilege to actually see you dangle.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
but a good head of red, or black hair will get you in the tribe, if you are shy downstairs, it all relates back to old celtic pagan traditions.
i just keep it shaved, ive grown a pencil mustache all the way round, like jonny depp, in pirates of the carribean, but i have no freckles, aawww jester is dissapointed. LOL
Hey Gang, . . .I kinda just popped in, to put up, the only joke I could come up with, for Red hair and freckles, . . . . . . . .
but i have to run, . . . so I'll see you guys tomorrow Morning, . . . . After i get the Dye out of my Hair, . . . and the stinging goes away, . . . from these darn tatooes, . . .ok?
catch ya later, . . . . dancing

And THANKS for droppin in, . . .

Just turn the lights off, . . . . when you leave, . . ok?wink
Bye for now, Jester! Hope your Undine drops by after you wake up! We'll keep a light on for her.wave wave
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