bipolar there is some friends of mine that has this decease how do you get it and what causes it thanks .. john
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you cant catch bipolar its a mental disorder not a disease its genetically inherited or caused my excessive consumption of mind altering drugs
thanks that helps alot
What toxic said about it is true. It doesn't rub off and is not air borne. I know first hand about this disorder as I have it as does one of my sons and granddaughter. Yes, kids can have it too. Because of reactions we receive from people we generally don't admit to having it. It is sad, but true. frustrated
im not here to talk down to anyone just curious i love everyone the same my friends always getting into different moods but i suport them 120%
You are a good friend to experience the many mood swings that can go with this. With or without meds. it never stops. People in general have a high misconception about this. Relationships are hard enough at best, but a poor choice of a mate can worsen the problem. There are many books around about this or info can be found online to shed light on the disorder. Even I have covered all of this to further understand who I am. Good luck to ya. handshake
thanks my friend
i have worked in the mental health field for many years...many people that suffer, and i do mean suffer with bi-polar can be very funcitionaly...but they MUST stay on their meds....many times the desease tells them that they are ok, and dont need meds...this is not true
sad sad..........
well thanks everyone
what i know about people who are bipolar is that....If they are happy, they are extremely happy BUT if they are sad, or down or upset, they are extremely having such feelings that when no one is aware of that, this can be suicidal to that person who is bipolar....

It is not a desease but that is hereditary....dunno ...roll eyes ...
wow thanks my friend
i thought it was a fight between 2 bi-s*xual, polar bears, maybe not.confused
haha thats a good one
make your mind up lol, maybe bullied.
Like the others have said you can not catch this disorder. However, the people with severe bi polar like my ex husband, need to be medicated. Without the medication they are subject to highs and lows... The highs are wonderful for everyone around them...but the lows can bring about an ugly monster, that beats the crap outta his wife and kids... Then blames them for it...
i am sorry my friend
BIPOLAR-is a chemical embalance in the brain..that the SERATONIN levels is low...well you can google that subject...There's high and Lows for the person that has the disease...I don't want to go through more details, bec this is the type of work that i do..and it's not fair for them if I reveal a lot of info.. but your friend needs a lot of people that are understanding, and, be a good friend with her/him...Oh!!you have several friends who are BIPOLAR???..Oh!! OMG!!
Scientists have discovered the specific gene on the DNA strand which makes people born Bipolar. It's a birth defect, runs in families & is inherited by a first degree relative, id est, a parent who is Bipolar has a 50% chance of having a Bipolar child.
It's a very hard disease to cope with, cos, if people don't see some outward physical deformity, they have wee to no compassion. They don't understand a Bipolar person's behavior & think it is something the Bipolar person should be able to control, so they criticize, lecture & reprimand the Bipolar's actions. That is pure ignorance. Bipolar people can NOT control their mood swings just by "thinking positive," any more than a blind person can see by "thinking positive thoughts." It is something they are just born with.
Bipolar effects one physically as well. Depression can cause extreme lethargy & leaves the person feeling drained of all energy. This is perceived by others as laziness or being irresponsible.
Unfortunately, the general public is unaware of any of this. Bipolars are misunderstood & end up being very alone, when they desperately need someone to understand what they are going though. That is why they commit suicide. They are sick & no one wants to help them, so they feel hopeless, helpless & totally alone.
Many very famous artists & genius people were Bipolar, such as Vincent van Gogh, Beethoven & Ernest Hemingway, to name only a very few.
thanks my friends this helps alot
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