Should I change?

Met an old friend of mine in the mall and was glad to see her. It has been years since I talked to her. She was a very shy person like me but it was before. She wears a mini white dress with pairs of high heels strapped sandals. Yes, she looked very confident. She looked like a model, err Naomi something. confused A short version one, though, as my friend is the same height as I. blushing

I was amazed with the change and asked her why she looked very different. She told me, “You won’t attract a man with your t-shirt and jeans, hon!” wink

O-okay, I looked at my comfortable t-shirt, old jeans and sneakers. Well, if I tried to dress like her, I will be getting ill in less than 10 minutes. Nope, make it after one hour, maximum. laugh

She got the point thou, every men (good looking and not) were looking at my friend even when they were with their girl-friends. Some were straight forward and some peeked. And she was really good in flashing herself. If I were a man or a lesbian, I might be hypnotised too. roll eyes

Every men tripped their feet in their rush to assist her. Her current boy-friend, (I said boy-friend as he is 11 years younger than her!) is a cute Swiss man who works for an International company here. grin

Life is certainly not fair. But we don’t have any choice, do we? No no no, I won’t change my appearance to snare a man or a boy, thank you. Oops, cross out the ‘boy’ wording, as am not a baby snatcher. blushing Who knows, I might change my mind, say in 100 years ... rolling on the floor laughing
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I'll say just be the person ure feel comfy wit, thats most important thing.
arch_angel83 East Java Indonesia
21 hours ago
I'll say just be the person ure feel comfy wit, thats most important thing.

Agree, and it won't be the real me if I do change smile
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