A thought for all to ponder

A man and a woman from two distant lands set out to find the truth of themselves
As they set out upon their journey they went from city to city country to country
and met many interesting people places and things of the world around them.
Both had good and bad things happen to them but overall their experiences led them
to who they are.
As they felt at times they were on top of their game and felt complete and needed
nobody to disrupt their path they noticed people they met along their journey were
busy helping them in ways they could not understand. They both thought if everything
was going so well, why does everyone come to them offering help and assistance?

Now there were moments when things and circumstances were bad in their lives and
when they occurred nobody was available and people in whom they thought were their
friends were suddenly busy those moments.
As they both continued their ways pondering these things one day they both met at the
same place in a market and instinctively felt a connection to each other as if they knew
they were having this experience that when things were going good they felt the heavens
smiled upon them. Yet, when things were not so good they felt terribly alone and lost wondering
what did they do wrong in their life.

In time they fell inlove with each other upon this commonality not because they were attracted physically but of a foundation of their experiences were in line with each other.
As time went by, the couple learned many new experiences together but eventually became bored
with each other and were still wondering why when things were going so well they had friends and
fun filled activities etc. Yet, when things were going wrong they felt isolated alone and angry.

So, when they both saw this pattern in their lives they asked their God to help them understand.
Their God answered thus:
You both are my children and I brought you both together as you would be most compatible to learn of me as I know you. When things were going good you forgot about me and took things for granted and assumed as long as everything was going your way you felt invincible. The people you met were legions of angels I sent to keep you safe and from harm and tried to offer you joy along the way.
The moments when you were alone and lost I took those angels away so that you may learn to appreciate what was freely given. Overall, you are rather ungrateful of the things you have and the people who were sent to help you in your path to me. Yet, I hope you learn before its too late that when you are seeking answers to life and my angels I send to you offer you their help you will take what is being offered. You may not like the quality of help, you may not like the quality of angel I send you but, they are for your own good. You may think as long as things are going good in your life nothing can go wrong. But consider my work I do for you and all I get is your complaints more than your gratitude. What I the lord hath brought together let no man put asunder.

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...conclusion... a mean nasty god... not to be trusted when needed....

cool wine
And the moral of the story is...?
Is not the moral plain enough? Fair weather friends are a dime a dozen especially here
Most everyone is rather picky of the quality they seek. The ones we deem greater value over another we may learn over time is not as valuable as those we discard who could be of value
As easily and freely things are given
they can be taken away.
I thought it was about marriage, and divorce not being an option

That's what the punchline was, wasn't it? confused
The moral Molly?..... I think the message is: Be grateful for what you have, instead of complaining for what you don´t have.
The Law of Attraction is clear and simple: positive thinking will attract more of it - same as negative will!
D, it looks like there are many or no morals to this story. It's a bit all over the place laugh
Molly, I agree but..... I just drew my own conclusion. dunno
Many shall read and still will not understand. Daniela saw it right away as she knows the blogger all too well. Perhaps it is for only the select few who has understanding. Yet, how shall one break it down to 2nd grade level to suit the masses? confused
In other words: "Nothing succeeds like success" head banger
When we are faced with situations be it good or made, we must put God first at all times . Without God nothing is possible .
Be grateful for fair-weather friends and ignore the sad old man sleeping in a door way. Not much of a laugh is he? f*ck him.
A very good blog, I did like the answer GOD gave handshake

@ Annleerose thumbs up
thumbs up thumbs up
Why, oh why did I read this. frustrated I am certainly not evolved enough to digest something like this.sigh
Don't worry Ek..this is not rocket science.laugh comfort wink

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