I know Thanksgiving is not till tomorrow here in the USA, but want everyone to have a blessed day.

To me it is not about the traditional Turkey on the table, it is all about the family sitting around the table. hug

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Hi Wen,
This is not a festive day that we celebrate but do enjoy your day.thumbs up
Catfoot, Thanks yes just in the USA but want all to have a blessed day everywhere cheers
Happy thanksgiving Wen.

hug wine
LJ wave Thank you and hope you have a blessed day and life hug
You, too Wen.

Take care my friend. wave hug

My friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!thumbs up
Hi Jim my brother wave this is going to be one of the best Thanksgiving I have ever had, lots of family and a day of enjoying each others company.

Hope you have a Blessed day, and hope we both don't gain to much weight handshake
Happy Thanksgiving Wen

We don't celebrate it here, but I am sure you will enjoy it wine
Thanks Molly, and hope you have a blessed day and life hug
Me bad I skipped right by your blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.wave hug hug
Cc, I was never worried about that I knew you would be here sooner or later laugh

Have a very happy Thanksgiving hug
How do Wen and thank you wave
and a happy and enjoyable one to you with yours tomorrow ... wine
Hi itchy wave have a blessed day and life. thank you for being a dear friend and keep on blogging hug
Happy Thanksgiving my friend Wen.

The time-clock on the wall says it begins tomorrow, and me and my dogs are ready to celebrate here.

Have a great one! dancing dog dancing dog thumbs up
Have a blessed day Wen
Hello, Hello,wave You have a Happy Thanksgiving there Bud,yay I m like you, the thought of Family sitting down together, over a nice meal, makes those days Special. Have a Good one,cheers
Hi Rob. wave yes tomorrow is the big day. I am going to have to wear my big boy jeans when I
sit down to eat. laugh

Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend. cheers
Hi Capricorn. wave Thank you and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. May your life be Blessed and plenty of. Joy hug
Hi 1to1to1 wave yes we are hoping to have a great Thanksgiving with a lot of family. Hope you have a Blessed day and try not to eat to much. laugh
Happy Thanksgiving Wen...and all.
Hi Johnny rolling on the floor laughing thanks and hope you have great Thanksgiving. and a Blessed life cheers
Bless you and your family with health,peace and love.hug
Ash, thank you. We had a great Thanksgiving and hope you did also.

Hope you and family have a Blessed life hug

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