Therefore I am

The original* is philosophical not specific, I know that, borrowing the words not the thoughts for this blog.

If I think I am happy, I am surely happy? I think.

but ....

If I think I am sane, am I sane?

They do say only the mad think they are sane. uh oh Split the difference. I’ll accept interestingly eccentric, albeit financially challenged. grin

If I think I am the most drop-dead gorgeous creature on CS, well, I am free to think that, but what others think does have to play a part. laugh

So how much does what others think I am, affect what I am? If I value someone’s opinion, and suddenly find out they think I am an idiot, does their opinion still have value? confused

My builders thought I was rich and gullible, and to be fleeced of every possible cent. very mad My daughter thinks I am going through a midlife crisis, starting with the books I’ve written, especially the Clarissa ones, now with moving abroad, and wishes I would settle down and take up crochet. Talking of Clarissa, a younger friend of mine now thinks I am deliberately torturing him by refusing to become his domme until he is submissive enough. Dyeing my hair green and getting purple and blue slashes tattooed on my face, well, I didn't, but so far as I can see no-one reads long paragraphs. I have a friend who thinks I am in denial about being old and need to start with the blue rinses already. Actually, more than one. uh oh

I think they’re all wrong.

(There are some who see me the way I want to see myself - even some who see me as braver, cleverer, more talented, more capable than I am. hug There are the special few who, whatever they think, support and help me on my way.)

I think I’m right, therefore I am.


*Cogito ergo sum is a Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as "I think, therefore I am".

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Just between thee and me, I'm also fascinated to see how far people actually read this long blog. Hoping they will comment at the point where they stopped reading, since there are several complete changes in direction and it would be trackable laugh

Shhhhh don't say anything. We're safe, people rarely read comments, so many blogs, so little time wink
What others think of me, or what they think I should do, is none of my business.

Sum id quod sum.
hi biff,
Being sane is a very relative term. Of course they think they are sane and that we are nuts, just as we think that we are sane and they are nuts. The only reason why they are inside and not us is because we are more than them, If they were more tan us we would have been in the asylums.professor

And just maybe they would have treated us better than we treat them.confused
TR, or may I call you Popeye? I yam what I yam *high fives*
What other think don't matter , you would be who you are and you you want to be .
Cat, "come inside you silly bugger come inside" laugh

Do you remember when the Nats were going out, and pouring last minute improvements into the prisons, taking the funds from Education? As one is supposed to have said, 'you think the new government is going to send us to school?'
Annlee, no man is an island. If we all truly didn't care what others thought of us, society as a whole would break down.

Okay, it is breaking down, lying, cheating, misbehaving, is becoming the norm. laugh But we do have to at least be aware of what others think, even if we ignore it?

The important others. Not many are important.
I am inside, where do you think I go when I disappear from time to time.

About the Nats again, just as they used the railway pension fund to finance the war. The fund then sued the current government to get that money back and the court ruled in their favor. The have to pay and my father expects about R 3 million in compensation. Only they don't get to pay; maybe when Zuma steps down.daydream
Right now, nothing else matters except what my Arty thinks of me....smitten

That, I'm the best thing ever happened to him shimmy after the IPad grin
Cat, I didn't know that. Wow.

Zuma stepping down? That WOULD be wow! cheering
Mimi, as long as you agree with him then you're both on a good thing yay
I am Lukeon, there I am Luke. - Finish an Klaar.professor Pains me to be sane.

Ja-well-no-fine rolling on the floor laughing
hopefully Biff
He was given until Wednesday to resign of face another 'no confidence debate'. And this time he won't survive.
** thereforedrinking
I never really thought much about what others think about me but if I wanted to be honest about it then "yes" I would like to be liked. I want you to know however that I do care about more how others feel about my Mimi. I take great pride in the fact that so many people on CS as well as family truly enjoy her. I also am aware that there are a certain percentage of "lustful bastards" out there that just enjoy fantasizing about her tits - lol. But heck I did too when I first noticed her profile pictures. Now that I got to know and love her it's taken a different turn........ "Err" why lie I still get excited seeing her pictures!!!!!devil devil devil
I try to think ;
"Therefore you are not"
but here you are ! roll eyes doh

So much for mind of what does not matter wink

Just kidding Biff, cool
Dang! That Was A Long Read....conversing

People caring about what other's think of them or not. It's like; damn if you do care what people think. Or damn if you don't care!....hug
Cat - so Zuma is living proof of whether it matters what people think of you. If enough of them have a low opinion of him, he loses that oh-so-cushy job of official crook-in-chief.

Hey Art, wave love you both to bits group hug

And you raise a whole new point, what others think of the ones you love, we all want someone who we think is the best to be seen as the best by everyone. We've all introduced friends to our other friends, or our chosen one to friends / family, and it's annoying when they don't instantly agree that this person is the absolute goods!



laughing merrily as I feed your fingers into a meat grinder laugh

love you too, babe, bigly. And yay, minced fingers for supper yay

Just kidding Non cool
Angel - sit, sit. Have a coffee, or tea, after that marathon. Cake?

Did that help, do you forgive me, do you like me again? blues

rolling on the floor laughing
Yeah, yeah, I read the whole damn thing mumbling

Just as well you didn't add links or youtube videos or you'd have lost me (are you listening, Mic?)

It is nicer to be liked than disliked. It is nicer to be thought sane than insane. We are social beings and want to be accepted as we are. Generally we want to fit in, without losing our individuality.

However, it is how we feel about ourselves matters at the end of the day. We have to be true to ourselves no matter the thoughts of others. Because after all, it is we have to live with us, and our decisions bouquet
Old? We are just mildly old. All that stuff they suggested can wait until you are seriously old. Not sure when that is but sure you will know when you get there.
We constantly compare ourselves to others and others to others and create the opinion about ourselves and everyone else. Opinions are often relative and fluid, especially general ones, like 'good' or 'bad', 'capable' or 'incapable', etc. Some things are more constant, like some of our personality traits. I think that, if we are honest with ourselves, we are the ones who know ourselves best. That doesn't mean that we always value ourselves the way others do. Some of our characteristics that we consider 'ordinary' can be 'special' and 'valuable' to others around us or - to others in some other environment, for example.

Am I polite? Some people would say I am. Some might say that I am rude. So, I'm neither. And I'm both. Because, I can be (or not be) 'polite' only compared to someone/something else and that differs a lot from one society to the other and from one person to the other. On the other hand, if I say that I don't handle pressure well - that's true - no matter what others might think, because it's not something that depends on the view of others.

I think that the environment has a very big effect on us. If everyone thinks that I'm ugly/stupid/not good enough and constantly tells me that - how long will I be able to think differently?
Good girl Molly, and you've come up with some epics yourself, don't try to guilt me out laugh

I'm not struggling with any angst here. I think I'm right, therefore I am.

But Cat raised an excellent point about Zuma, who also thinks he's right, and has united most of the country in disagreeing laugh

One point I wanted answered was what happens when someone whose opinion we value doesn't agree with our view of ourselves. No-one even noticed that one in the flood of words. sigh
Ekself - the only one to pick up on that change of direction - old is weird. I know people in their 30s and 40s who are staid and dull and set in their ways, watching telly every night, youth is completely wasted on them. I know people in their 60s and 70s who are inventing, travelling, writing, painting, climbing mountains, changing their lives, have such a spring in their step their joie de vivre is infectious. But they are the 'old' ones. roll eyes
Hi Maya, some good points, well made, especially your last one.

We should know ourselves - if we ignore the way we are viewed, we can become self-centred and arrogant. If we are surrounded by negativity, though, we become equally distorted. People will always have opinions about us, and some will be hostile and disapproving, fairly or unfairly.

There was a famous disabled athlete who overcame savage adversity because his parents brought him up with a 'yes I can' attitude. He then threw his whole life down the toilet - more accurately, shot it through the toilet door - and his achievement, courage, determination and sheer guts in reaching Olympic standard performance is lost forever. He was born a cripple and fought back - he succeeded further than anyone else had before and was seen as a shining light and basked in that - and he is now forever a murderer, and cowardly liar into the bargain. He's still the same person. Wonder what his 'therefore I am' philosophy is.
Biff, we can't expect anybody to agree with every decision we make. Even people who think alike in many things, differ in others.
I always take on board what people say, especially those I respect, and then make my own informed decision after that.
I'm not an island. There are people that are important to me and I value what they think - and my Mama surely tells me if she thinks. laugh

I think it is important for everyone to have someone to "keep it real" and there are people I will listen to and take criticism on board. Not everyone apart from these people, but you see here what happens to people who believe the BS guys tell them that they are absolutely irresistible and always right. doh

I do have to fit into my professional environment - I keep it professional, I don't socialise with colleagues etc. but to get the benefit of working as a team, I will be part of a team and be professional.

It's YOUR life, you have to live it - you are single and footloose and don't need to please anyone. I can remember when I went 13 years to Ireland ago - I'm from a farming background, people didn't go off gallivanting those days, the expectations from other farmers (not my family!) was that I will certainly marry a farmer. I think quite some people thought I lost it when I stayed here (and didn't even marry an Irish farmer! wow ) But - what these people think is irrelevant, I haven't seen most of them in the last 13 years and most importantly, I like my life. rollers My family has always supported me and I made some good, close friends here.

It is hurtful if people that are important to you don't support you in your decisions. You are happy, harming no one and they should be happy that you are happy. Family is important but can live totally different lives - don't ask too many people what they think, tell the ones with unsolicited advice to bugger off and try to talk sense to the people around you that do have a good head on their shoulders.

Best of luck with your new life. hug
Molly - serious question -

Do you still respect the opinion - not of a decision, of you as a person - when it is totally unlike your own view of yourself, and not in a good way?

Do you completely reverse your judgement of them and their opinions, or do you examine yourself to check your selfview isn't completely off-kilter?

Well, not that serious a question. Call it interest, though.
I would probably do both.
I would ask them the basis for their judgement, then have a hard think about it.
If I thought they had a good basis, then I would take it on board, and try to improve on it if it were an issue.
KN, good strong words and a shining example, thank you!

For the record, I never ask people their opinions of me as a person, although I will take advice before I make big decisions. I may not follow it, but I will listen carefully laugh

There will always be those who give their opinions unasked, and sometimes it can get under the skin and sting a bit if you respect that person uh oh

Moi? less than perfect? wow

they're wrong! They're morons!
joy cartwheel cheering
Thanks, Molly hug

I flinch away from unwanted truths, close the door on them firmly, then spend a few nights at 3 in the morning fretting.

Very mature.

well if you care what others think your normal maybe but then if your mad you will find soon you have no friends where you fit in I cant say I don't know you or where most here on blogs fit well I really don't know being the only normal one here and for them that think hes a feckin header I say bugger off now where that leaves us im not sure or do I really care life aint here here its just a bunch of mad people thinkining they know all not you of course you been sane and all
JJ, it must be lonely being the only normal person here laugh
Biff, sounds familiar. laugh
I used to value 'unwanted truths' much more in the past. I thought they helped me develop and become a better person. But, now I value 'kindness' more.

It's so easy to be 'smart', to judge, criticize and throw 'truths' at people. It's much more difficult to show understanding and compassion.

After all, we all struggle in our lives this way or the other and try to live our best with what was given to us, both personally and in our environment...
Jesus H Christ. Whats with all the profound blogs at the moment? Now Biffs gone all deep and meaningful, bloody hell who will be next?

C'est la vie!

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