The FISA memo

I can't wait for it to be completely exposed.

Let's see what's up in the air.

How disturbing and contemptible these activities are.

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Mic, that is funny..rolling on the floor laughing
Mic, golly. I got carried away and watched the BODY CLINTON count...amazing.
Sometimes LL can make you laugh......respect my dead cat while I disrespect your President....only an atheist liberal could try to negotiate that one....doh
She is as laughable as inane Sea. Yep she thinks her opinions are final. Meaning the world must bow to what she says...Not me..No way. Disrespecting a president that does an action for the benefit of the many, just doesn't work for me.
Here's the non-liberal cat's litany slowed down & including pertinent details...

sad flower


How do you know me?

My cat is nature's creature...full of love and respect...Trump is a worthless human...ready to grift the American public of their hard work...Fire and Fury perhaps your next

Anything in print is not totally acurate but if you read it with a critical you somewhat a better insight to the man in question...too bad Stormy signed a non disclosure deal...wink

I would have enjoyed her take on things...sounds like Trump is rather vanilla in bed man...despite his boasts...hugely...laugh
Mic, WTF. are we really that stupid and let all these crimes committed and no one is nailed to pay the price? Where is justice Mic? The families of these victims were they part of the plan to have them silenced?

Holy shit. These are the proof to show that they are untouchable. I am furious. frustrated frustrated
As has been observed linds, whether due to malfeasance or a staggeringly epic string of coincidences, being a liability/threat to the Clintons is inconsistent with life.
sad flower

Just a question.
Doesn't it seem that shooting in the BACK of the head is a difficult way to suicide one's self? confused

The story goes that Comey had discovered enough evidence among Hillary's emails to prove her guilty as hell.
He decided to NOT recommend indictment when he came across his own suicide note.
wow....thumbs up

Meaning for as long as they are alive they will continue on committing all these crimes and be left free?

What a slap to our so called justice Mic. Of course, how can anybody commit suicide by having the hole from the skull?

Execution is what comes to mind Mic. These Clintons must be stopped. frustrated
John, thanks for your post.wave
"Knowing" and "Proving" can be quite different things, Linds.

Example - neither Al Capone nor anyone else has been proven guilty of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

But circumstantial evidence in at least some of the deaths must raise questions regarding the Clintons' involvement.

And this in connection with alleged Clinton Foundation corruption...

The straightforward prima facie evidence of this specific death simply must call Clinton integrity into question.

Even if we assume the bulk of the extraordinary number of deaths of Clinton connected people were 'coincidence', just that of Eberwein would remain disturbing.

I might go so far as to concede every & all points Lou & other libs level @ Orange Julius...
and still conclude he's preferable over Hildebeest...on many levels, and by a wide margins.

"Trump is a worthless human...ready to grift the American public of their "

You are absolutely blind Lou. You can't be stopped from insulting us, the American people. Look at his achievements just raising his children alone. Where is your evidence that he is worthless?

You are more worthless than anyone I know for not recognizing people's worth.

frustrated frustrated
Mic it is useless arguing with anyone who are blind. She typifies the most despicable hater of the president. I will either just ignore her or completely delete her worthless comments.
Take a poll outside the retirement homes regarding Trump's

You might learn a few things...wink

Oh I do learn a lot Lou. I will check it out just the same. Enjoy your sleep.
Can OJ supporters BE found, Lou?

He got a bump in the polls following the SOTUS.
I'm not sure how it breaks down by age group.

Remember, at the time of the election he and Hildebeest BOTH had approval ratings in the 30s. His may have been slightly lower, making him the most DISliked national candidate in U.S. history.
Actually, he may have been the most disliked candidate for anything, ever...a remarkable accomplishment, really.
Thus one might be hard pressed to find his supporters in retirement homes or anywhere else. uh oh...confused

Exit polls revealed that few voters voted FOR either candidate.
They regarded both unfavorably - 60-some%, 2/3 of ALL voters - turned out to cast a vote AGAINST the one they considered more vile. Loathsome, if you will.

Based on the popular vote, Hildebeest was fractionally less despised than Orange Julius. devil

A most unusual method of selecting a head of state, IMO.

Some (including some Dems with whom I've spoken) have speculated that the tentacles of the Clinton Machine extend SO far as to have rigged BOTH primaries...
1) Get rid of Bernie.
2) Install OJ as a token straw man walk over candidate on her way to coronation.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Granted, that scenario requires a LOTTA conspiracy theorizing.
No doubt 'bout it! tinfoil hat
Can you come up with a MORE plausible explanation of the '16 election?

I thought not.
roll eyes

Some folks of a religious persuasion had concluded that Murka had become so sinful that it had fallen from Grace with The Almighty. snooty
God had turned the country over to judgement. devil

The '16 Election was cited as proof that Divine Wrath was upon us. sad
With the passage of time however, and aspects/actions of the Clinton Campaign & DNC coming to light, many of these folks have reevaluated their position on Divine Retribution.
Certainly, if Murka had been under Judgement...we'd all now be under Hildebeest. devil
As this is NOT the case, it is taken as presumptive evidence that the Republic has escaped The Wrath Of God...for the time being, at least. grin


I'm NOT making that up. liar pointing scold
I really have heard folks speak of Hillary as an agent of Divine Judgement.
And Prez OJ as proof of Divine Deliverance.
Could be, I suppose. dunno


Russiagate or Intelgate?
The publication of the Republican House Committee memo and reports of other documents increasingly suggest not only a “Russiagate” without Russia but also something darker: The “collusion” may not have been in the White House or the Kremlin.

You couldn't have said any better Mic.

All your points, you think she will get it? Of course not. Blinded with her hatred Mic.
Mic, agent of Divine Judgment that is very original.

Proof of Deliverance, of course Mic. God loves us, and those that know the truth.
C, I believe this mess is one astronomical abuse that was committed by these bozos. The culprits must pay..
rice in obozos crime spree admin.admits to crime wave,etc.n FBI coverups/hooverville,they are about cooked!
I reckon that's so, reb! cheers

rice said she was gonna write a book on crime spree,they thought killary would win n we would be islamic/NWO slaves,read LBJs johnson amendment,he got passed,when he was in congress,it gives money n power to islam, the swamp,dems,etc.have tried for over 100 overthrow our usa govt./get a rope!
Leftist protestors have already announced intentions to disrupt any military parade in Washington, DC.

She's garnered a good deal of animosity among Dems.

By all the usual measures, it shouldn't even have been a contest!
She had something like 5× the personnel/volunteers ground game.
She raised/spent something like 2× the money...war chest.
(Guess it's so - you CAN'T buy elections.)

One reviewer succinctly panned her book in which she purports to explain the election outcome, 'What Happened'.
The reviewer's observation -
The book posed it's question & answered it on the cover...



Getting back to the subject of the OP...
She not only crashed & burned her own campaign, but took future potential Dem Prez contenders along on her Kamikaze ride.

Given info coming out about her campaign/the DNC, an endorsement of Hildebeest '16 is now a albatross around one's neck.

Which brings us to...

The Congreswoman posted posted that Feb. '16.

At that time, it may have been safely presumed...
1) Hildebeest would be the Dem nominee.
2) OJ was NOT going to become the REPUB nominee.

Disciplinary action was immediately taken regarding the Congresswoman.
The DNC called her judgement into question & cut off DNC funding for her Congressional campaign - which she went on to win with 80% of the vote.

When she issued her statement a year ago, it could hardly have been regarded a wise political move...
Give up the Vice-chair of the DNC? roll eyes
In order to endorse an underdog candidate? laugh
And sour relations with the presumptive next POTUS?! rolling on the floor laughing

Crazy-absurd! Fast track to political irrelevance!!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

And now? With the benefit of hindsight?
One of the most gutsy, smart & politically savvy moves in the history of Murkun politics.
No doubt 'bout it.

It is difficult not to believe the Congresswoman from Hawaii will NOT be the 1st woman POTUS.
Y'all heard it here first.

A comment on the Congresswoman's announcement...
"You had me @ 'Aloha'!"


killary is a witch n lesbian,her rape of a 15 yr.old girl is coming out,during her prez run!a murderer n a rapist,when will she be jailed?!
Reb, I have no doubt if she won, we're now completely destroyed. Islamic. The end of America as we knew.

I'm grateful and thankful we won.
u bet!she is an islamic witch,she wanted 500%more muslim invaders n our jailers n take our guns,etc.ban the NRA,time to lock em up,dems n rinos!
Marlo, nice to see you here. I'm so happy your candidate didn't win.
she wants to run in 2020,from prison,lol.
Ken, I'm not surprised.
That should have been Karlo.

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