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Global Nonsense

Ten thousand years ago trapped in the ice
Tiny bubbles of air frozen don't move
Slow moving mountains of ice cut and slice
Scoring bedrock with many a deep groove

Great whales ruled the oceans of ages past
Woolly Mammoths thundered over the plains
Where primitive man during this time massed
Huddled in caves learns how fire maintains

The ice is almost gone as glaciers melt
And the last of the great bears appear doomed
How the little creature called man is knelt
Hovels while the dying embers consume

Our progression is not measured in time
For what we do to our earth is a crime
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2012
About this poem:
Global warming is more than keeping warm.....

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"How the little creature called man is knelt
Hovels while the dying embers consume"

Well said Yankee.
Yap Yankee, I was wondering if anybody really can compute the litters that are producing toxic on our poor environment. And that is because we are a product of commercialism to buy and use the expense of the mother earth...
I agree Yankee! What we have done and are doing to our earth is a crime.
Hopefully we can get it fixed before our children have to pay the price our dirty deeds.
Thanks for sharing this exceptional poemeaster basket
I liked your poem and so agree man is destroying things but as we read the history books the earth has always changed from ice age and back again with all the inbetweens, so we do not help but changes are inevatable I think.thumbs up
Hi, Yankee4you,
Huddled in caves learns how fire maintains has allowed humans to go viral, of the deadly variety, no longer taking only what is necessary to survive, respectful of sacrifices made by other life for that survival. Your sonnet cries out with love for our beautiful earth.
Thanks to all for your kind comments.
I recently read where air molecule samples trapped in time concur that current CO2 levels have risen at an alarming rate, matching or perhaps exceeded those immdiately preceding other great melt offs of polar ice and raising ocean levels. I don't know what else hard scientific evidence to heed is needed. The earth will seek to balance the scales and change the equation brought onto its atmosphere by mankind....whatever kind of events those are....continuing to burn fossil fuels is only adding environmental, economic, and social chaos as nations scramble for this fuel...but the big battle will be over fresh water supplies...
Hi Yankee

Superbly constructed sonnet sending out alarm signals to all who might care to read - that this planet is almost past the PNR (PNR being an aeronautical term Point of No Return).

Short of a radical birth control programme to reduce the world population by some 90%, it's had to come up with any answers.


Bill wine wine
oops - make that HARD to come up with any answers...
I know Bill....more and more energy consumed via ways that destroy the very foundation of that senseless
My dear friend Yankee4you
Written 7 years ago
Now the world taken noticed
If only they heeded your words

Its true the world tries to ratify
What human errors have done
Thats why the rain and storms
Floods and hurricanes comes

Thank you for sharing cheers
Suffer the little children. Suffer the animals. (Through no fault of their own). When will dumb mankind learn that greed is NOT good? Also, how about some birth control here folks? Or is all of this too sensible?
godsprincessonline today!
7 years later and it continues on. Now they are changing the laws for animals that are on the Endangered Species list. Stepping up lumbering - marine life full of plastic - hurricanes growing stronger and stronger - more extreme floods each year - but Oh No - this is just the earth going through it's normal cycle it goes through every so million of years. Never mind that that cycle has sped up by several millions of years. Thanks for sharing. I missed it before as was not on CS back then.

Good poem to ponder, the earth and whoever or whatever inhibits adjusts or goes under.

Doesn't stop us keeping earth clean and conserving energies for future generations. Even then the earths changes will always be one way or tother.

thumbs up thumbs up enjoyed pondering and reading
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