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Life.....Inside a box, or, is it two?
Wondering....Just which is which of me,
Who is who?
Brittle silence, the heavy velvet cloak of night,
The stillness....Massive,
Deprived of sight,
A....Different kind of dark....
Do you feel it too?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Imagine suddenly being in more than one place at

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Comments (12)

Quntum Uncertainty/Entanglment
A bit of you here and a bit of you their its the screamyay
Good one Andrew glad to see you FLOATING aroundhug
Quantum leap?? love the idea!!! Ty for sharing Andreaw nice read...thumbs up handshake
Such a good read Andrew. It would be nice to be at two places at once every once in a while. How have things been with you?
Hi, andrew149,
Superposition stops at the moment of observation; so, please, open that box!
cool give my kindest regards to!cool i mean gypsyheart banana
Thanks Gnj...You nailed it, well done...a subject impossible by it's very nature to write about in the present tense xxx
yes i do with a vengeance!

lol !

angel : grin dancing giftcomfort

you Know You are a Brilliant gifted POET

it must feel so satisfying to be perfect! (i really mean) Perfect.
every poem of yours every line every word just Perfect
applause gift cool wow
very cool write my friend, while reading and trying to imagine the impossible, made this very thought provoking lol, ty

cheers my friendcheers
Your theory has been vindacated Andrew..I just saw you in the reflection of a window pane..but then the window pane just saw me in the reflection of you. Who is who and what is what ..heh my friend.?professor grin grin
and YOU !!!Andrew dear one..... THE POET.
the KINDEST of all!

wow banana head banger heart wings gift teddybear bouquet grin grin grin grin angel sigh innocent roll eyes head banger yay yay yay yay yay yay yay rolling on the floor laughing wow dancing hug cheers gift teddybear
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